"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe was suddenly honored in the midst of a scandal accused of domineering and mercenary

KrantMar 03, 2023 at 14:41

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After becoming the new owner of Miss Universe Vietnam, "Aunt Anne" really created an earthquake, making everyone bored. When only 4 months, the organizations of this contest in Southeast Asia in turn announced the copyright to another unit. Recently, the owner of MU also caught the attention of the community when she received an honorary doctorate

Accordingly, on March 2, Thai transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip, known dearly in Vietnam as "Aunt Anne", received an honorary doctorate in international management at the National University of Technology. Rajamangala Art in Thanyaburi. Although she is considered domineering by many beauty fans, there are many others who think that Anne has an impressive education and business strategy.

"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe was suddenly honored in the midst of a scandal accused of domineering and mercenary - Photo 1

It is known that "Aunt Anne" has a remarkable record of driving a mass media company through difficult times, even the company itself has grown tremendously.

Ms. Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip is the president of JKN global group. In 2022, the transgender female billionaire has attracted great attention to the beauty fan community. When deciding to spend more than 20 million USD to buy back Miss Universe and Miss USA contests.

"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe was suddenly honored in the midst of a scandal accused of domineering and mercenary - Photo 2

Soon after, Mrs. Anne quickly introduced many policies to recover capital and make profits. Starting with the strategy of asking countries to bid to win the right to send representatives to Miss Universe, many other beauty organizations have to suffer.

Typically, Binibining Pilipinas - the unit that sent the Philippines representative to Miss Universe for the past 55 years, could not do anything else, despite its efforts to retain the copyright, but failed. There is also a copyright holder of Laos with a representative entering the top 16 of Miss Universe 2022 for the first time but also having to let go of the new person in charge.

"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe was suddenly honored in the midst of a scandal accused of domineering and mercenary - Photo 3

In addition, the dispute over the name of Miss Universe Vietnam between the Saigon Universe Joint Stock Company (SG Unicorp) and JKN Global Group (the new owner of Miss Universe) is also pushing the issue. Miss Universe copyright, which has been smoldering for the past time, has reached its c.limax.

Although the matter is not over yet, many viewers expressed their disappointment with the work of Aunt Anne Jakrajutatip. Many people believe that Miss Universe under the billionaire woman no longer has the inherent attractiveness that is commercial, even considered "smelly of money".

Although this strategy caused confusion in many countries and caused Anne to be criticized as an authoritarian. But many others undeniably assert that Aunt Anne Jakrajutatip is a smart, talented and decisive woman in the business field.

"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe was suddenly honored in the midst of a scandal accused of domineering and mercenary - Photo 4

Transgender businesswoman, Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip was born into a strict and strict Chinese family in Bangkok. Due to her femininity since childhood, she was often bullied and stigmatized, harassed.

She once raised the point that the media and business are the only ways to help her gain respect, after reading an article about Oprah Winfrey - an abused billionaire who grew up in the slums. "Achieving fame and becoming an entrepreneur is the only way out for transgender people like me to be respected. In other people's eyes, I'm weird. To be respected, I have to be successful," Anne shared. .

"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe was suddenly honored in the midst of a scandal accused of domineering and mercenary - Photo 5

"Aunt Anne" also went to Australia to study international relations at the age of 16. At the age of 21, Anne returned to Thailand and began to dress feminine. At the age of 36, she decided to have s.ex reassignment surgery.

But since returning to Thailand, Anne has started distributing documentaries. She is the CEO of media company JKN Global Media. This company is a pioneer in the field of importing Indian TV series. In addition, JKN is preparing to approach the Philippine TV series. In the news sector, JKN is the sole licensee of CNBC Asia in Thailand.

Currently, Aunt Anne Jakrajutatip turns 41 this year, a single mother with two mixed children and she also went to Vietnam last month, to conduct a copyright signing ceremony with a Vietnamese beauty organization.

"Aunt" Anne Miss Universe was suddenly honored in the midst of a scandal accused of domineering and mercenary - Photo 6

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