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Miss Grand VN: The beauty of "Vietnamese version of Rose" is shocking, her profile is terrible

An Nhi15:10:33 15/06/2024
Recently, a beauty originally from Binh Dinh attracted attention when she registered to participate in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024. The reason this beauty has received a lot of attention from beauty fans and the media is because she has a beauty that is compared to Rosé. Vietnamese version.

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Miss Grand VN: R.evealing the brightest candidate for the Miss title, weighing beautifully in the livestream round

Hướng Dương12:34:58 20/04/2024
Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 has officially returned with a newer format than ever. At this time, many beauty fans are extremely looking forward to a g.irl joining the race to succeed Miss Le Hoang Phuong.

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MG Thailand: Contestant performs creepy national costume, Vietnam's Altar salutes defeat

Hướng Dương11:34:22 01/04/2024
National costume is a contest that almost every beauty arena has. In addition to the elaborate and eye-catching investment suits, there are also cases that make the audience creepy.

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Miss Grand Thai 2024 is becoming more and more ridiculous, the audience can no longer accept it

Minh Phúc13:43:39 13/03/2024
Even though it is just the start-up phase of the Miss Grand Thailand 2024 contest, the beauty-loving community is no longer as interested in the contest as before, and is even very fed up with the ridiculous games and degrading of women. female.

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Phuong My Chi received good news after registering for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024

Xuka12:17:16 02/01/2024
Recently, Phuong My Chi unexpectedly shared the image of the application form for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024. She also attached a caption full of subtext: Many happy new year things! Unfamiliar....

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Mr.Nawat and Miss Grand International officially received bitter fruit for touching Philippine representatives

Mộc Trà15:10:59 01/11/2023
After the finale of Miss Peace International 2023, Nawat, the president of the Miss Grand International pageant, revealed the reasons why Philippine representative Nikki De Moura was not named to the top 20 despite being a highly regarded contestant.

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Miss Grand International 2023 encountered a big disaster after the final, Mr.Nawat is in extreme pain?

Mộc Trà15:11:08 28/10/2023
Just two days after the finals, Miss Grand International's homepage lost a significant number of followers by 200,000. The reason is said to be that Myanmar fans clicked to unfollow the contest because the beauty Ni Ni Lin Eain only stopped at the 1st runner-up position.

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Thuy Tien officially received important good news after Miss Grand International, everyone was excited to congratulate her

Bình Yên10:30:33 27/10/2023
Miss Thuy Tien won the Miss Grand International 2021 contest and received great love from the audience. After finishing her term as Miss, the beauty continued her social activities that were supported by the public.

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Le Hoang Phuong received sad news before the Miss Grand International final: Fans are worried

Nắng11:24:03 25/10/2023
The journey to conquer the Miss Grand International 2023 crown has come to the final stage. The contestants have only one final ranking night left, which will take place on the evening of October 25.

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Le Hoang Phuong rose after the semi-finals, surely she has a high chance of reaching the TOP at Miss Grand International 2023?

Mưa13:26:23 24/10/2023
Vietnamese contestant - Le Hoang Phuong has had an impressive performance from the competition until now. Therefore, the audience is looking forward to Le Hoang Phuong's explosive performance in the semi-finals. There are many expectations that Le Hoang Phuong will win a high prize at this year's competition.

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Mr.Nawat revealed that he has found the winner of the Miss Grand 2023 crown: Is she a Vietnamese beauty?

Nắng14:05:59 17/10/2023
After Miss Thuy Tien was crowned at the final night of MGI 2021, the name of Mr. Nawat, the president of this beauty contest, was covered across all media channels in Vietnam.

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Le Hoang Phuong rose to the top of Miss Grand, Miss Thailand immediately "turned around" and posted a warning

Nắng14:18:32 14/10/2023
Representative of Thailand - Aoom Thaweeporn has a move that attracts attention on her personal page. She posted a photo with Mr. Nawat - president of Miss Grand International with the words: Owner's daughter, be wary of this.

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Miss Grand 2023: Contestant who fell 'soaked' speaks out directly about the Organizing Committee, reveals a scene of helplessness, sobbing

T.P07:17:07 14/10/2023
The representative of the Dominican Republic has just officially shared after having an incident during the Best in Swimsuit competition at Miss Grand International 2023. Saddened by the scene of helplessness and sobbing behind the scenes.

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Miss Grand International 2023 increasingly favors Le Hoang Phuong, Miss Venezuela "thanks" the Vietnamese beauty

Mộc Trà15:10:45 13/10/2023
Being a beauty-crazy country, Le Hoang Phuong received the support of the audience and appeared at the party on the evening of October 4 with representatives of Brazil, Myanmar, Colombia, and Indonesia.

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Miss Grand 2023: Contestant falls because she had to compete in the rain, a beautiful beauty accuses organizers of being irresponsible

Đức Trí15:27:16 12/10/2023
The organizers of Miss Grand International 2023 are receiving criticism from beauty fans around the world, when the Best in Swimsuit competition that took place recently was considered too irresponsible, allowing contestants to compete in the rain, too. danger.

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Will Miss Grand International 2023 crown Le Hoang Phuong if she surpasses these 5 beauties?

Xuka14:12:34 12/10/2023
Miss Grand International 2023 has gone half way and fans have gradually chosen their favorite faces. In recent days, Le Hoang Phuong - representative of Vietnam is showing his tireless efforts.

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Miss Grand International 2023 is riotous because Thien An is too H.OT, Le Hoang Phuong has a strange attitude

Bình Yên12:47:19 10/10/2023
On October 9, the Beach Wear Fashion Show within the framework of the Miss Grand International 2023 contest took place in Ha Long (Quang Ninh). Here, 70 contestants from around the world will show fashion in beach outfits.

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Le Hoang Phuong is too classy, through just 1 detail, it is more than enough to "eat off" the Miss Grand 2023 contestants!

Nhật Hân11:58:55 07/10/2023
At the Gala Dinner of Miss Grand International 2023, Vietnamese representative - Le Hoang Phuong did not have a big hammer but was still considered to be able to weigh the whole cast of Miss Grand 2023 contestants.

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Miss Grand 2023: 1 contestant quit returning home because she missed her parents, annoyed when she had to change clothes, makeup constantly

Thanh Phúc10:56:30 07/10/2023
The online community was shocked, harshly condemned by the unacceptable attitude of a contestant at Miss Grand International 2023, officially quitting returning home for the unacceptable reason of missing her parents and not following the schedule of the pageant.

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Le Hoang Phuong officially entered Miss Grand International 2023, "tormenting" the contestants

Bình Yên15:35:38 04/10/2023
The Miss Grand International 2023 contest after many days of anticipation has officially taken place in Hanoi. Today, a cast of beauties from many parts of the world took turns landing at Noi Bai International Airport to prepare for the contest.

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Miss Grand International kicks off: Le Hoang Phuong reveals disadvantages, roommates r.eveal themselves

Nắng11:21:35 26/09/2023
Recently, the official page of Miss Grand International revealed the identity of the queen who will be paired with Le Hoang Phuong to stay in the same room while participating in this contest.

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Le Hoang Phuong is preparing to go to Miss Grand International 2023, admitting a shocking incident

Xuka11:22:14 18/09/2023
In addition to the love of many domestic fans, she also received many comments from international fans cheering and supporting her victory in the contest. Many major beauty pages posted articles and gave many compliments to the beauty from Khanh Hoa.

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A Miss Grand VN contestant leaked messages defaming her opponent, demeaning her beauty, accusing her fellow contestants of fighting

Đức Trí07:14:27 23/08/2023
All beauty fans are in unison blue-faced, shocked by a series of extremely rude messages, disparaging the contestant in a terrible way of a Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 contestant.

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Miss Grand VN contestant was disparaged for her appearance like Thien An, admitted to "cutlery" to be more confident

Nguyễn Tuyết17:41:34 20/08/2023
Before coming to the beauty contest, Bui Thi Thanh Thuy and Nguyen Thuy Vi had to go through a difficult time, self-deprecating because they were negatively commented on their appearance.

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