Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanh's formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans

Bảo YếnJun 13, 2024 at 17:50

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The beauty of the beauties participating in Miss Cosmo 2024 is currently causing a storm all over the internet, because the visuals of the beauties are so outstanding. Among them, the Philippine representative attracted the most attention because she was more prominent than Miss Cosmo Vietnam

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 1

Ahtisa Manalo - representative of the Philippines at Miss Comso 2024 is on a business trip to Vietnam. Recently, at the press conference announcing the Miss Universe International 2024 contest, the beauty born in 1997 scored points for her sweet and charming beauty. Not only does Ahtisa Manalo occupy the spotlight on the red carpet at the Miss Cosmo 2024 launch press conference. Even Ahtisa Manalo's everyday moments also make beauty fans miss her. The representative of the Philippines just had an impressive introduction with a graceful, elegant photo set in a traditional Vietnamese ao dai, and successfully showed off all her beauty, lovingly, making many netizens praise and Consider this beauty the number 1 competitor in Asia when competing with Miss Cosmo Vietnam - Xuan Hanh.

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 2

With long, smooth hair and a signature conical hat, Miss Comso Philippines 2024 chose dark-toned lipstick makeup, accentuating her eyes to create a highlight. Since she was Thuy Tien's rival at Miss International 2018, she has captured the hearts of Vietnamese fans.

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 3

In the near future, she will be a direct competitor of Bui Thi Xuan Hanh. The beauty's presence at Miss Cosmo 2024 makes the battle more dramatic than ever. Although she lost the opportunity to participate in Miss Universe, she was considered quite suitable for the criteria of the "Beauty Olympics" held in Vietnam. This will definitely be an opponent that Xuan Hanh must be wary of.

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 4

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 5

Ahtisa Manalo was born in 1997 in Candelaria, Quezon. She graduated with a major in accounting and has been pursuing this field for many years. Ahtisa Manalo is 1.73 m tall and has an attractive b.ody. She participated in the Binibining Pilipinas - Miss Philippines 2018 contest and finished as 2nd runner-up.

Besides, the announcement of the Miss Cosmo 2024 contest is considered a new mark of Vietnam on the beauty battlefield, because this is the first time an international beauty contest is held in our country, by Vietnamese people. perform. According to the Organizing Committee, this year's contest attracted more than 70 contestants from all over the world to Vietnam to compete in September. At the launch, a number of beauties representing countries and territories participated. left a lot of impression on the audience.

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 6

Ketut Permata Juliastrid Sari - Miss Cosmo Indonesia - wears a dress made of sparkling material and a tight style

Beauties from Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa... also impressed the media and the audience present. Besides, Vietnamese beauties such as Miss Ngoc Chau, Xuan Hanh, runner-up Thao Nhi Le... were also no less competitive when appearing in s.exy outfits at the event.

With the message "Beauty raises influence", the Organizing Committee of Miss Cosmo 2024 emphasizes finding and honoring beauties with beauty, intelligence, bravery, positive influence, and inspiration. to the community.

The highlight is a series of festive activities combining fashion and cultural heritage stretching from North to South. The contestants will undergo activities in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Lam Dong, before entering the final in Ho Chi Minh City in October. The new beauty queen will receive a cash reward of 100,000 USD (more than 2 billion VND). .

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 7

Regarding the controversy related to the Miss Cosmos International contest - a long-standing international beauty contest, the Miss Cosmo Organizing Committee affirmed: "Miss Cosmo and Miss Cosmos International are two completely different names. We do not intends to copy the international competition, like other competitions have had."

Miss Cosmo is organized with the goal of finding unique beauty - someone who can speak up and turn her words into actions to contribute to society. According to the organizers, in addition to the cash amount of more than 2.5 billion VND, the w.inning beauty at Miss Cosmo 2024 will also receive a crown, one year of use of an apartment, a car... This is the part reward for the g.irl who is crowned in this international beauty arena.

Miss Cosmo 2024: Revealing Xuan Hanhs formidable opponent, supported by Vietnamese fans - Photo 8

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