Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job

Bảo NamJun 09, 2024 at 17:30

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Recently, Miss Italy Nhi returned to Vietnam after the end of the first semester. At the airport, Anh Kiet's boyfriend and family came early to welcome the beauty born in 2002. After returning to Vietnam, Y Nhi participated in volunteer and compassionate activities.

Specifically, on the first day, Miss Y Nhi and 2 runners-up Dao Hien and Minh Kien organized a visit to the children's love home. Understanding the difficulties that the country's kindergartens are going through, the beauty born in 2002 coordinated with the Ho Chi Minh City Women's Union to donate 24 million VND to this unit. Miss Italy Nhi wishes to be able to instill more spirit as well as motivation so that children can overcome difficulties.

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 1

Continuing the journey, Miss Huynh Tran Y Nhi continued to visit Linh Xuan C.hild Protection Center. The center was established in 2002 with the purpose of nurturing, caring for and treating orphans in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Currently, the center is nurturing 57 children aged from birth to 21 years old. The queen sent a gift worth 20 million VND to HIV-infected children with disadvantaged circumstances at the Center with the hope that the children would have a better life.

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 2

In addition, she also contributed more to the president of Miss World Vietnam and two sisters Dao Hien and Minh Kien to donate more than 100 million VND to the "For the Poor" Fund - established with the purpose of supporting and caring for disadvantaged households, especially poor and near-poor households in the city. On behalf of the sponsors, the queen - Huynh Tran Y Nhi hopes that the m.oney she sends can contribute to alleviating the hardships and hardships that households have to face.

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 3

In another development, recently, Miss Binh Dinh suddenly became the focus of attention when she was suspected of secretly holding a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend Tuan Kiet.

The reason is that an image of her boyfriend appeared next to Y Nhi's family on the Internet. Notably, in the picture there is also a full queue of questions. This article also wrote the content that caused a stir: "It is widely reported that Miss Italy Nhi returned to Vietnam to get married to her boyfriend. The 2 sides of the family have also come to talk and have a decent ceremony."

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 4

Netizens immediately suspected that the beauty from Binh Dinh had secretly held a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend. However, netizens quickly discovered that these were just images on the internet. The article talks about Miss Italy Nhi for the purpose of getting likes and views.

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 5

2 months ago, on some social networking sites, it was reported that Miss Y Nhi was secretly married to her long-time boyfriend. The reason is that the biography of the reigning Miss World Vietnam 2023 on Wikipedia has changed. In Miss Y Nhi's partner section, her boyfriend's name appears Nguyen Anh Kiet. Immediately after this information, Y Nhi's management company denied it, and at the same time affirmed that this was false.

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 6

Miss Y Nhi is a rare Vietnamese beauty who publicly announces her boyfriend as soon as she puts on the crown of power. At that time, she sent a message to Anh Kiet: "My boyfriend is quite gentle. Your parents are secondary school teachers, so you are taught in a very thorough and perfect way from a young age. Therefore, her boyfriend attracted Y Nhi because of her knowledge, calmness and maturity. Although you are the same age, the same age as me, you are much more mature than me. My love, as everyone knows, is a beautiful love, so there is nothing to hide. I'm just afraid that my boyfriend's life will be turned upside down, there will be more trouble.

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 7

No matter how beautiful my love story is, no matter how much it inspires everyone, I hope that in the near future, people will focus more on me and not too much on my love story. I don't want people to keep mentioning Y Nhi to remember the 5-year love story, not to remember me as an independent, confident and always dedicated g.irl, always wanting to bring good values to everyone."

Photos of Y Nhi doing a wedding ceremony with her boyfriend, spending hundreds of millions to do 1 job - Photo 8

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