Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a "strange boy", not Anh Kiet's boyfriend?

Bút MáyJun 08, 2024 at 15:03

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Recently, the public has focused attention on a series of photos featuring the appearance of Miss Italy Nhi at a lunch. The queen was suddenly close, resting her head on a handsome male character, not Anh Kiet's boyfriend. This person's identity was also quickly explored by fans.

It is known that the strange male character who appears next to Miss Italy Nhi is a famous designer. He has a fairly close relationship with many models - Miss of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. When Miss Italy Nhi returned to her hometown after many months of studying abroad in Australia, the male designer also went to the airport to pick up the queen.

Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a strange b.oy, not Anh Kiets boyfriend? - Photo 1

As for Anh Kiet, the guy is still in a good relationship with Y Nhi. When Y Nhi returned to Vietnam, Anh Kiet was waiting to pick her up. When the beauty appeared, he brought flowers to give and gave his girlfriend a hug after many days of separation.

Y Nhi said: "I am happy and grateful for the love of my family and everyone." Picking up Y Nhi at the airport were also her father and sister, the company team and some friends such as Miss Bao Ngoc, Doan Thien An, runner-up Minh Kien, Dao Hien.

Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a strange b.oy, not Anh Kiets boyfriend? - Photo 2

It is known that Anh Kiet and Y Nhi have been dating for about 6 years. According to Y Nhi, when publicizing their relationship, they received the support of teachers and family because they "helped each other in their studies, and at the same time supported their friends to make progress together".

Y Nhi acknowledged that her love developed from pure to understanding each other. When she decided to try her hand at the beauty playground, she consulted her boyfriend and received support. During her time studying abroad, Y Nhi said that Anh Kiet always encouraged her. The two often communicate everything over the phone and the Internet.

When Yen Nhi was entangled in a scandal, Anh Kiet also defended and defended his girlfriend many times and affirmed that the relationship between the two had been for a long time, so they always sympathized and understood each other. The guy was also praised for bravely overcoming all prejudices when he had a girlfriend as Miss.

Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a strange b.oy, not Anh Kiets boyfriend? - Photo 3

"Between us, it is not just a feeling like we just got acquainted, but there is also understanding and sympathy for each other. What everyone saw was only part of the interview, I didn't have any negative thoughts. I hope everyone has an objective view and still chooses to love Nhi," Mr. Kiet shared.

Previously, just a few days after being crowned, Y Nhi became one of the biggest media crisis phenomena in the beauty industry. The reason stems from the interviews of Miss World Vietnam 2023 with press agencies.

Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a strange b.oy, not Anh Kiets boyfriend? - Photo 4

Y Nhi accidentally left many controversial statements about her boyfriend and young people of the same age. At its peak, an anti-Miss fan group was established with nearly 1 million members. Many subjects also held meetings, hung banners to judge the queen of Binh Dinh. At the same time, they also asked the Miss World Vietnam organizers to s.trip Y Nhi of her crown.

The stumbling block at the beginning of Y Nhi's term left many unimaginable consequences for her family, management and even her boyfriend. Although Miss World Vietnam 2023 tried to apologize, it was not accepted.

Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a strange b.oy, not Anh Kiets boyfriend? - Photo 5

After Y Nhi's turbulence, her management unit admitted that although she received great damage, she still chose to treat her well and tried to help the beauty overcome the crisis. The President of Miss World Vietnam shared with the beauty to explain, apologize to the audience.

Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a strange b.oy, not Anh Kiets boyfriend? - Photo 6

During Y Nhi's stay in hiding, she was still arranged to study with experts in communication manners, English, and verbal expressions in public. After only a few months, Y Nhi has overcome the turbulence spectacularly, which is considered a miracle for a g.irl who has been turned away by the whole country.

Y Nhi has just returned home and is close to a strange b.oy, not Anh Kiets boyfriend? - Photo 7

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