Miss Charm "raised" aunt Anne MU's top partner, Puteri Indonesia to r.eveal a shocking future

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After the copyright purge of the owner of Miss Universe - transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip, a series of disturbances occurred that caused the related organizations to suffer. As a victim of losing the Miss Universe copyright to the opponent, the Puteri Indonesia contest for the first time changed its direction when it announced to play with Miss Charm.

Accordingly, on March 8, the homepage of Puteri Indonesia officially announced that it holds the copyright to appoint a representative to participate in the Miss Charm 2024 contest. This is considered a strong transformation of a long-standing beauty organization such as: Puteri Indonesia after more than 2 decades of existence and development. Before that, the fact that this organization lost the copyright of Miss Universe after a long time shocked beauty fans in this country.

Miss Charm "raised" aunt Anne MU's top partner, Puteri Indonesia to r.eveal a shocking future - Photo 1

It is known that Puteri Indonesia even agreed to pay 10 times more to maintain the Miss Universe copyright, but still lost the license, making the audience think that Anne is too harsh and only cares about m.oney. Aunt Anne's fierceness is said to have touched the pride of Puteri Indonesia.

After learning about the loss of copyright, Mega Angkasa - the head of the communications department of the Puteri Indonesia contest, released a statement saying that they were very disappointed because at that time were still waiting for official news from the Global Franchise Director of Miss Universe. - Carlos Capetillo on continuing to license as in previous years. "The Puteri Indonesia Foundation was surprised because at that time we were still waiting for official news from the Global Franchise Director of Miss Universe."

Miss Charm "raised" aunt Anne MU's top partner, Puteri Indonesia to r.eveal a shocking future - Photo 2

In addition, due to the lack of transparency in the bidding process, Puteri Indonesia also expressed suspicion that there are factors that govern the decision of the transfer of the Miss Universe Indonesia license.

"We felt it was unfair because Puteri Indonesia only had 3 working days while other country directors had an extension. In addition, we were not provided with a proper bidding format, in when other countries have quite granular bidding format," said Mega Angkasa.

However, Puteri Indonesia is still quite optimistic and insists that this long-standing organization will focus on finding an excellent representative for the country of thousands of islands, instead of looking for glory in the international arena like in the past years. past. At the same time, they also revealed that they will invest in Miss from next season to compete in major beauty contests such as Miss International or Miss World and that the purchase of the Miss Charm copyright is part of the plan to change their new.

Miss Charm "raised" aunt Anne MU's top partner, Puteri Indonesia to r.eveal a shocking future - Photo 3

Thus, after purchasing the copyright of Miss Charm, the Top 3 of the Puteri Indonesia 2023 contest will respectively participate in 3 contests: Miss International 2023 (Miss International 2023), Miss Supranational 2023 (Miss Supranational 2023) and Miss Supranational 2023. Miss Charm 2024 (Miss International Beauty 2024).

It is known that Puteri Indonesia's decision to buy the rights to represent Miss Charm was greatly influenced by the shine of the Indonesian representative at the Miss Charm 2022 contest held in Vietnam. Here, beautiful Olivia Tan won the second runner-up position in the first beauty contest held.

Miss Charm "raised" aunt Anne MU's top partner, Puteri Indonesia to r.eveal a shocking future - Photo 4

After returning home, Olivia Tan attended many events and television programs. Puteri Indonesia also showed care and affection for Olivia Tan. This organization decided to invest so that the next beauties will achieve impressive achievements in the Miss Charm arena.

Elsewhere, after the bidding took place on February 8 in Indonesia, PT Capella Swastika Karya company officially won the right to organize and send a representative to attend Miss Universe for at least 4 years.

Miss Charm "raised" aunt Anne MU's top partner, Puteri Indonesia to r.eveal a shocking future - Photo 5

The leadership team of the new Miss Universe Indonesia organization including: Indonesian singer and actress - Poppy Capella will take the role of president. CEO Eldwen Wang will be country director, while Safa Attamimi will be chief executive officer and fashion stylist Niel Dimitrij as project director.

At the same time, Miss Puteri Indonesia 2022, Laksmi De Neefe Suardana, also became the last Puteri Indonesia winner to be sent to Miss Universe. The next queen crowned at Miss Universe Indonesia 2023, will represent this country at Miss Universe 2023.

Miss Charm "raised" aunt Anne MU's top partner, Puteri Indonesia to r.eveal a shocking future - Photo 6

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