Do Thi Ha publicly took wedding photos with her young master's husband, following in Midu's footsteps on the flower car?

Bút MàuMay 08, 2024 at 15:39

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Recently, Do Thi Ha has been entangled in dating young masters, even getting married. Sharing about this issue, the queen expressed that she did not disclose private matters because she wanted to keep peace for people around.

Accordingly, the online community has passed on the image of Do Thi Ha appearing with a young man and traveling together when checking in at a place. Many people assumed that she was dating this guy.

Do Thi Ha publicly took wedding photos with her young masters husband, following in Midus footsteps on the flower car? - Photo 1

In one event, after this person spoke, Hau also used her phone to film him, surprising the audience.

Sharing the news of getting married this year, Do Thi Ha said: "I do not deny it because I do not know what the future holds. I am someone who is always striving for the present and wishing for a better future. If that happens, that's fine because every g.irl wants someone to be by her side for the rest of her life."

Do Thi Ha publicly took wedding photos with her young masters husband, following in Midus footsteps on the flower car? - Photo 2

When asked about her boyfriend, Do Thi Ha said she did not hide her romance but did not share it because she wanted to keep him peaceful. "I just want to keep my loved ones away from public scrutiny and want them to live in innocence and peace," she said.

Previously, Do Thi Ha shared that she had many requests with her boyfriend. But for now, she only needs a man with talent, will and two people who are in tune with the soul, have empathy, understanding, and are suitable for the job.

Since being questioned about dating young master, Do Thi Ha has been discovered by the people to have changed a lot. The queen often appears with more elegant and somewhat mature outfits. Not only that, but she also received many compliments for pursuing this style. Do Thi Ha's changes have always been noticed.

Do Thi Ha publicly took wedding photos with her young masters husband, following in Midus footsteps on the flower car? - Photo 3

Do Thi Ha was born in 2001, crowned Miss Vietnam 2020. After that, the queen continued to score points thanks to her remarkable achievements when participating in the Miss World 2021 contest. She has placed in the top 27 talent competitions, top 16 Head to Head Challenge, top 13 Top Model and finished in the top 13 overall in her journey at Miss World 2021.

During her time in office, Do Thi Ha was also a familiar face, appearing at fashion shows of famous designers. Each time she appears, the queen surprises fans with her diverse transformation. Do Thi Ha is considered by the audience to be professional and always punctual at work.

In addition, the queen actively contributes to the community with many meaningful projects such as building houses for people in Central Vietnam after storms and floods, relieving people after the impact of the pandemic or maintaining the scholarship fund to encourage learning in her name.

Do Thi Ha publicly took wedding photos with her young masters husband, following in Midus footsteps on the flower car? - Photo 4

After 4 years, Do Thi Ha has matured a lot in both beauty and charisma. The beauty of Thanh was impressed by her rising beauty and positive changes during her reign as Miss Vietnam. She also has impressive academic achievements when she graduated in Business Law from National Economics University.

Do Thi Ha publicly took wedding photos with her young masters husband, following in Midus footsteps on the flower car? - Photo 5

Currently, Do Thi Ha is turning to business. According to the beauty, choosing the beauty industry to try is a decision that she has carefully considered and considered. She said she is passionate about beauty and making people more confident about themselves. She wants to contribute to helping people feel better about their image and show external confidence.

She said: "I see myself growing in life experience, knowledge and skills. I have the opportunity to go to many places, meet many people, experience many new things. I also learned how to face challenges and pressures. As a Miss, I always have to preserve my image and prestige. This sometimes makes me feel pressure, but also motivation to try to improve myself."

Do Thi Ha publicly took wedding photos with her young masters husband, following in Midus footsteps on the flower car? - Photo 6

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