Minh Plastics, Cuong Do, Shark Khoa: Close friends of U40, but people who are grandparents, people are still lonely

Hoàng PhúcFeb 26, 2022 at 08:16

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At the same age of U40, these three giants have distinctly different private lives.

As well-known characters in the rich world, with the same passion for playing cars, Minh Plastics, Cuong Do La and Shark Khoa (Le Dang Khoa) are the names that many people love. Among these, giant Minh Plastic is close with both Cuong Do La and Shark Khoa.

There is a special thing about these 3 giants is that all 3 were born in 1983, now 39 years old. However, the personal lives of the three characters are markedly different.

Minh Plastic has become a grandfather, about to have a second grandchild

Minh Plastic (real name is Pham Tran Nhat Minh) is the only son of the owner of Long Thanh Plastic Company Pham Van Muoi. Minh Plastic is currently holding the position of Deputy CEO in the family company.

Minh Plastic has been through 2 marriages, with his first wife he has 3 daughters, and with his second wife Mina Pham, he has 1 more princess and 1 prince. 39 years old, but giant Minh Plastic became a grandfather 2 years ago. And now, the eldest daughter of this giant is also continuing to be pregnant with the second b.aby.

Minh Plastics, Cuong Do, Shark Khoa: Close friends of U40, but people who are grandparents, people are still lonely - Photo 1

In an interview, Minh Plastic revealed that Shark Khoa's best friend always "cheated" him every time he became a grandfather. Shark Khoa often asks: "Where are you going today?".

"I think people admire me for being able to do what other people can't. And the important thing is that my life is good, not that I'm willing to do it. I think I've stepped up to another level - the level grandpa (even though I don't want to - laugh)", the 8x giant added.

Minh Plastic loves his granddaughter very much, on special occasions, Grandfather U40 always appears with his daughter's family and gives her great gifts.

Cuong Do La is satisfied with his marriage

At the age of 39, the giant Cuong Do La is living a full married life with Dam Thu Trang. The giant currently has 2 children, the eldest Subeo is now 12 years old and the youngest Suchin is nearly 2 years old.

Cuong Do La and Dam Thu Trang often cleverly s.how o.ff their happy family moments on social networks and are not afraid to give each other "winged" words that make many people whisper and admire. Dam Thu Trang also withdrew from showbiz and returned to work in the rear, side by side with her husband in business.

Minh Plastics, Cuong Do, Shark Khoa: Close friends of U40, but people who are grandparents, people are still lonely - Photo 2

In addition to busy times, Cuong Do La always takes time to take care of his family, a man who is "warm on the outside, rich on the inside".

The handsome Shark Khoa is still "a flower without an owner"

The remaining piece of this trio is Le Dang Khoa. People often call him Shark Khoa after the businessman left many impressions when sitting in the shark chair of Shark Tank Vietnam. Shark Khoa was born into a family with a tradition of agribusiness, his father is the owner of a fertilizer company. Shark Khoa himself also started his business very early.

Currently, he is taking the position of CEO of a family company, and also owns many other businesses, from eco-tourism to fresh flowers, real estate,...

Minh Plastics, Cuong Do, Shark Khoa: Close friends of U40, but people who are grandparents, people are still lonely - Photo 3

Not only talented, Shark Khoa is also a male god in the hearts of many fangirls thanks to his handsome appearance and great style. He currently lives in a spacious, luxurious villa with a swimming pool,... Shark Khoa also often shows off his extreme cooking skills that make women fall in love.

Outstanding is that, but currently, Shark Khoa is still unmarried. The love story of this handsome giant is also extremely secret. In addition to rumors that he was dating singer Bich Phuong around 2018, 2019 but then both denied it, since then, Shark Khoa has not been involved in dating information with any shadow. which pink.

Every time I post photos on social networks, many friends and relatives also remind Shark Khoa about getting married, but only receive his very quiet like buttons.

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