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Cuong Do shouted the name of Minh Plastic's wife, reminding her to keep her husband, Mina Pham directly answered 1 green question

Đức Trí14:31:05 02/12/2023
The two notorious giants Cuong Do and Minh Plastic caused a stir with a cheesy post, publicly hand-in-hand that made the two wives Dam Thu Trang and Mina Pham also have to be enthusiastic. Even the mountain town giant shouted the name of Ming's wife to worry about keeping her husband.

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Mina Pham: Minh Nhua's 2nd wife, loved like a queen, once made her rich husband collapse because he left home

Châu Anh16:57:25 22/11/2023
Mina Pham is known to everyone as the second wife of billionaire Minh Nhua. She has a h.ot b.ody. Even though she has 2 children, she still maintains her youthfulness and beauty. Mina Pham was extremely pampered by plastic.

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The wife of tycoon Minh Nhua revealed her weakness when attending Phuong Lan's wedding, r.evealing that she does one thing for her husband every day

Tuyết Ngọc14:39:31 22/11/2023
Standing next to Minh Nhua at the party, Mina Pham was considered more beautiful and attractive than the pictures she posted on social networks. Many people can't help but admire her because her husband pampers her so much.

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Minh Plastic's wife wore a short skirt that danced extremely well in the new MV, how beautiful it was that was complimented like BlackPink

Tuyết Ngọc17:01:10 07/09/2023
It can be seen that recently, Mina Pham has been very diligent in entertaining fans with a series of youthful and beautiful outfits no less than Korean idols, most clearly shown through the top-notch dance cover clips.

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Ming's second wife posted a forum lamenting "going to a parent's meeting and also being scrutinized", the reason why the fans stiffened their throats!

Bảo Tiên14:40:43 23/08/2023
The status line on the story recently posted by the beauty of the wife of the two giants Minh Plastic made many people curious, but when they learned the reason, netizens were stiff throated because they were too shocked.

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Incarnation of Lisa (BLACKPINK), the wife of giant Minh Plastic is commented to be 99% similar

Nắng12:24:26 16/08/2022
Mina Pham - Minh Plastic's wife is not a strange name to the public. The beauty has a happy married life. At the same time, she is also a modern woman, regularly updating her luxurious image on social networks. Recently, Mina Pham uploaded a dance cover video on the background...

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Minh Plastics, Cuong Do, Shark Khoa: Close friends of U40, but people who are grandparents, people are still lonely

Hoàng Phúc08:16:49 26/02/2022
At the same age of U40, these three giants have distinctly different private lives. As well-known characters in the rich world, with the same passion for playing cars, Minh Plastics, Cuong Do La and Shark Khoa (Le Dang Khoa) are the names that many people love. Among these...

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Cuong Do, Minh Plastic prepared Valentine's gifts early, but still did not leave 4 tons of flowers from Doan Di Bang's husband

Hoàng Phúc16:16:07 14/02/2022
The "national husbands" have never disappointed people, especially on Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Day (February 14), is one of the special days for couples. This is an opportunity for them to express their feelings to each other with wishes and...

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