Min Hee Jin "dragged" BTS into the war, an SM boygroup "sat without being hit"

Thiên DiApr 24, 2024 at 07:15

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In the midst of the intense battle between Min Hee Jin and the HYBE group, not only NewJeans and ILLIT were affected, but recently, female CEO ADOR accused a series of plagiarism groups, including BTS and an SM music group. Entertainment.

On April 22, the media focus turned to the drama of the management rights dispute between ADOR - NewJeans's management company and HYBE group. Accordingly, HYBE accused ADOR of leaking business and personnel secrets to the outside, intentionally creating negative public opinion with the aim of taking over management.

On the same afternoon, Min Hee Jin and ADOR gave a response denying the audit from HYBE, r.evealing that the conflict originated from "the plagiarism controversy of the group's subsidiaries". Min Hee Jin confirmed that HYBE plagiarized NewJeans for the new g.irl group ILLIT. ADOR's announcement strongly attacked ILLIT's image and flooded NewJeans with controversy.

Min Hee Jin dragged BTS into the war, an SM boygroup sat without being hit - Photo 1

The female CEO of ADOR revealed that the conflict originated from "the plagiarism controversy of the group's subsidiaries. In an interview with the Korean Economic Daily, Min Hee Jin affirmed that HYBE ignored the issue of "BELIFT LAB plagiarism". copy NewJeans".

"ILLIT is copying New Jeans in all areas of entertainment activities, including hair, makeup, costumes, choreography, photography, video recording and event appearances. ILIT is also considered ' Min Hee Jin' style.

The NewJeans - ILLIT replica is not only made by BELIFT LAB but also has the involvement of HYBE. HYBE, a leading Kpop company, is blindly copying successful cultural content for short-term benefits. I have never allowed or sympathized with anyone copying NewJeans' achievements," Min Hee Jin stated.

Min Hee Jin dragged BTS into the war, an SM boygroup sat without being hit - Photo 2

On the morning of April 23, Min Hee Jin attracted more names with accusations of copying NewJeans. Specifically, in an internal interview at HYBE, CEO Min is said to have said: "ILLIT copies NewJeans, TWS copies NewJeans, RIIZE also copies NewJeans".

It is known that as soon as the phrase "NewJeans male version" appeared to call a music group (referring to TWS under Pledis), representative Min Hee Jin expressed her uncomfortable mood: "If NewJeans has a male version It will also be created by my own hand." After that, g.irl group ILLIT made representative Min Hee Jin explode with anger when debuting with a vibe similar to NewJeans.

Min Hee Jin dragged BTS into the war, an SM boygroup sat without being hit - Photo 3

TWS is the new b.oy group of Pledis Entertainment - another subsidiary under HYBE, managing SEVENTEEN. Recently, TWS has been called "SEVENTEEN's little brother" by the media but is also compared because of the youthful concept that NewJeans is aiming for. Meanwhile, RIIZE is SM's b.oy band, not related to the corporation, many times their concept was "exploited" by NewJeans fans but not convincingly enough.

Min Hee Jin dragged BTS into the war, an SM boygroup sat without being hit - Photo 4


Min Hee Jin dragged BTS into the war, an SM boygroup sat without being hit - Photo 5


Not only that, Min Hee Jin also accused BTS of plagiarism. According to sources from YonHaps News, a document that HYBE found during the audit process contained a scene where CEO Min told an outside party: "President Bang Si Hyuk copied me and created BTS." The context of the statement is unknown, but it was enough to make the Army community angry.

Min Hee Jin caused controversy when she intentionally attacked artists from the same group, even calling the SM male group RIIZE, which has nothing to do with her, to justify accusations of violating business principles. BTS was dragged into the controversy while the group was in the army, and had nothing to do with ADOR's controversy. Meanwhile, key questions are not clearly answered.

Min Hee Jin dragged BTS into the war, an SM boygroup sat without being hit - Photo 6

Until now, the dispute between Min Hee Jin and HYBE has not been resolved. The two sides continuously turned the situation around, announcing disadvantages and "attacking" each other. Many sources believe that NewJeans and her family are on the side of the female CEO. In this battle, people are worried that NewJeans will be the most disadvantaged side when Min Hee Jin does not have enough convincing arguments and HYBE is the strongest entertainment force in Kpop.

Min Hee Jin dragged BTS into the war, an SM boygroup sat without being hit - Photo 7

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