MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities

Minh NgọcMar 11, 2024 at 10:12

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Even though they have gone their separate ways, in recent times, whenever one of them makes a new move, netizens will continue to associate them with each other. MCK and tlinh continued to be called names when the audience found this interesting similarity between them in the two music products.

More than a year ago, MCK released an album called 99% released on his birthday. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if tlin also released the song if it was on her ex-boyfriend's birthday. Notably, the content of the female rapper's song is about her breakup with MCK and the responses she gave to her former lover.

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 1

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 2

The two made netizens stir even more when they publicly supported each other's work on their personal pages. Not only that, MCK also admitted that tlinh's song is his missing 1%.

MCK has a lot of respect and warm affection when it comes to tlinh. Both have been healed and are ready to move on, but the audience is the one who regrets the most.

Right after MCK shared that if tlinh was the missing 1% of his album at that time , social networks couldn't stop buzzing. The couple's fans are extremely sad that their musical love story has broken down, but are also very happy that both stars chose the gentlest way to treat each other after the breakup.

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 3

Not only did the song's melody and content receive a lot of attention, but the audience was also extremely sympathetic when tlinh's crew shared behind the scenes a screaming scene in the MV. In this clip, tlinh's cries were recorded live, louder and more heartbreaking than ever. Viewers can feel the g.irl's mood through the frame, and those present at the filming scene certainly feel heartbroken. It doesn't seem like she's acting in character, but instead she's crying with her true feelings at that time. Her cry was haunting, the audience was extremely surprised and saddened for the female rapper.

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 4

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 5

Recently, when MCK released Big Bang's Haru Haru remake, he immediately attracted attention from the media and audience. Recently, director Phuong Vu - the person behind the success of this parody product - posted a series of clips sharing behind-the-scenes moments while filming the MV. Even though it's just a musical product as a gift for women on International Women's Day, artists such as JustaTee, MCK, Tage, Orijinn, Trung Tran have performed the Vietnameseization of the already legendary song. Kpop dialogue is excellent.

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 6

One of the most surprising performances cannot help but mention MCK. Worthy of the name Quyen Chi Long of Vietnam, MCK surprised viewers by copying the original and expressing the character's emotions up to 90%. Watching MCK backstage in the scene of breaking things and screaming to r.eveal his pent-up inner feelings, you can see that the rapper turned into a real actor when living with the character and made many people surprised. surprised by the rare immersion.

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 7

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 8

However, many observant people were "startled" when recalling that this scene was a bit "familiar" and similar to the screaming scene of the spirit in the MV if at that time . Many netizens left comments and continued to express regret even though the couple had broken up for several years and everyone had their own lives. But the similarities in music make many people unable to stop putting these two names next to each other in their thoughts. Some comments even said that this was MCK's response to his ex-girlfriend that he had also gone through a difficult time, struggling to heal himself after that breakup.

However, these are just speculations from netizens when they see similarities in the music of the two artists. Currently, even though they are no longer together, everyone is living their lives to the fullest and has an extremely admirable career development.

MCK - tlinh send signals to each other through music, netizens discover similarities - Photo 9

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