Tlinh: From The Voice Kids contestant who was eliminated by Phuong My Chi to the famous female rapper of Vietnamese showbiz

Duyên TrầnJan 15, 2022 at 09:21

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T Linh is known as the GenZ generation rapper, young, dynamic and talented.

In just a short time pursuing the Rap music industry, T Linh has been known to many people. The clever and attractive way of rhyming and playing words makes her songs quickly become a phenomenon on social networks. Some of her products can be mentioned such as: Throwing away, Love it too much, Falling in love a bit early...

Tlinh: From The Voice Kids contestant who was eliminated by Phuong My Chi to the famous female rapper of Vietnamese showbiz - Photo 1

Tlinh's career

From a young age, T Linh had a special passion for music. However, because of family tradition, T Linh followed the path of study. The female rapper born in 2000 used to be a Chinese student at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, achieving 8.0 IELTS. After that, T Linh studied Medicine and Pharmacy at Hanoi National University with admirable academic achievements.

However, after finishing her first year, she decided to ask her parents for permission to save her studies to pursue her passion for music. Although at first, the parents were quite shocked with her daughter's decision, but fortunately T Linh succeeded in convincing her parents. At the beginning of 2020, T Linh wanted to return to her studies, she applied to the British University of Vietnam, but only studied for a short time, then decided to stop completely to focus on art.

Tlinh: From The Voice Kids contestant who was eliminated by Phuong My Chi to the famous female rapper of Vietnamese showbiz - Photo 2

Before pursuing professional rap, T Linh participated in The Voice Kids 2013 at the age of 13 with Phuong My Chi. In 2014, she continued to compete in the Vietnamese Star program with big names such as: Soobin Hoang Son, Suni Ha Linh, Liz Kim Cuong... but did not leave a remarkable impression.

At the age of 20, T Linh started pursuing Rap music with the support of her boyfriend MCK and quickly showed a special talent for this music. T Linh and her boyfriend came to Rap Viet, became a member of Team Suboi, and was one of the only two female contestants on the show. Through each round of competition, the young female rapper showed her impressive ability to write music and handle beats. In the end, T Linh brought home the bronze prize in the end.

As a potential contestant, highly appreciated from Rap Viet, T Linh continuously launched music products with MCK and received the support of the audience. MV Em is a Treasure reached 30 million views, Chich a little more reached 34 million views... Besides, T Linh also collaborated with Hoang Yen Chibi in the song Love Silently, the rap part of T Linh is considered impressive by many people. .

After the achievement of top 8 Rap Viet T Linh participated in the "Dance arena" - a professional dance game show for young artists besides many famous faces such as: Hau Hoang, Thieu Bao Trang...

Although not yet debuting with solo activities, T Linh has appeared on many prestigious music charts. Spotify has selected the song "Single Girl" by young female rapper T Linh on the EQUAL Global playlist, sharing the same chart with popular singer Billie Eilish - the owner of 7 prestigious Grammys.

Tlinh's private life

In addition to an impressive rap career, T Linh is also noticed by many people by the beautiful love story of male rapper MCK. He joined the underground world earlier than T Linh and also helped her a lot on her way to rap. On social networks, the couple T Linh and MCK often o.ff their sweet and affectionate pictures and constantly compliment each other. By 2021, the two moved in together to better support each other for career development.

Tlinh: From The Voice Kids contestant who was eliminated by Phuong My Chi to the famous female rapper of Vietnamese showbiz - Photo 3

Recently, it was the young male rapper who suddenly confirmed that "everyone went their separate ways" with T Linh, making the couple's fans surprised and regretful. Specifically, when a fan came in to ask a question about the breakup rumor with Tlin, MCK frankly answered: "The breakup is gone. But it's beautiful, the ending is gentle". Accordingly, MCK affirmed not to delete the moments with T Linh for the reason: "Because we are adults". A few minutes later, T Linh also confirmed the breakup with MCK. In the shared clip, she did not show any sadness, the female rapper affirmed that this is a "great love", "classic love". Not only that, T Linh is also ready to celebrate after ending this relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Although it has been a few months since they broke up, netizens still often see T Linh sharing the other's music products, sometimes even leaving comments under MCK's post. This makes many people question that both of them have "lack of energy" to get back together... However, in personal love, we all respect MCK and T Linh, if the two really come back, it will make a difference. excited fans.

Tlinh: From The Voice Kids contestant who was eliminated by Phuong My Chi to the famous female rapper of Vietnamese showbiz - Photo 4

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