Mai Davika swings Chi Pu's trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a "cool" sentence

Bút MựcJun 08, 2024 at 17:32

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On her personal TikTok channel, recently the famous Thai actress Mai Davika posted a cover clip of Chi Pu's new song called Finding You.

In the clip, Mai Davika appears with a short crop top, showing off her small waist and impressive toned abs. Even though she only wears light makeup, Mai Davika still "captivates" viewers with her beautiful and sharp beauty.

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 1

On the background of Finding You music, the Thai-born beauty displayed extremely flexible and beautiful dance moves. It is not known how long Mai Davika has been practicing the choreography of this song, but in the clip posted, the actress has shown her ability to dance and perform choreography extremely well, full of confidence and charisma.

On her personal Instagram story, Mai Davika posted this clip, and tagged Chi Pu's account. Not long after, the Vietnamese singer responded to Mai Davika when reup the clip of her dancing Finding You, with the caption: "Sis, you're not kidding. Can you stop being so pretty and cute", (Translation: "Sister, I'm not kidding. Can you stop being beautiful and cute.")

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 2

It is known that a few days ago, the two met and created eye-catching frames at the Gucci Event. It is very likely that after this meeting, Mai Davika immediately practiced the choreography of Finding You as a gift to her Vietnamese friend Chi Pu as well as her fans around the globe.

With Mai Davika's popularity and influence in Thailand as well as internationally, it is promised that after the cover of Finding You is "aired", this song of Chi Pu will be more known to audiences in many other countries.

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 3

Recently, Mai Davika is a name that "caused a fever" in the online community in Vietnam when she regularly posted clips of Vietnamese music dances. The actress made fans excited with the video of Mai Davika dancing on the background of the song "Sea of Love".

In the video posted on the TikTok channel with more than 2.5 million followers, the actress dresses simply but is still extremely beautiful and radiant. She danced to the melody of the song "Sea of Love" with viral dance moves created by Vietnamese young people themselves.

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 4

The video then garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Vietnamese fans also simultaneously left praise comments below, expressing their pride when the successful Vpop product spread to your country.

Not long ago, the most beautiful "Witch Girl" in Thailand also used a background music piece called the song "Duyet" by Hoang Yen Chibi even though at that time the song had just been released.

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 5

Hoang Yen Chibi expressed her excitement and thanked Davika for giving her love to her new song. On her personal page, she wrote: "Surfing me is that I have to browse immediately; Thank you so much". Soon after, Davika also shared Hoang Yen Chibi's post on her story with a cute icon.

Mai Davika is probably no stranger to Vietnamese fans when she once appeared in Son Tung M-TP's hit MV Run Now Di in 2018. The actress excellently shows the image of a luxurious and charming g.irl next to a rich guy looking for love.

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 6

The Thai Binh singer also won many winged lyrics for the star of the Golden Temple: "Collaborating with Davika with me is a charm. When I was composing, I thought about how to build an image, how to collaborate with actresses. At that time, the people around me gave me a lot of names, and when I looked at Davika, I immediately stopped.

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 7

Looking at Davika, I think the emotions when composing the song are surging. I think that face and charisma will definitely be present in my MV. She is very professional, and is already a famous Thai actress. I find it interesting to work with Thai actors, which is something I have never thought of before."

It is known that Mai Davika was born in 1992 in Bangkok (Thailand). She inherited her beauty from her Thai mother and father from Belgium living in the Southeast Asian country. In 2013, she was invited to star in Charming Love and emerged from there. Currently, Mai Davika is one of the faces of Thai entertainment. She also has a dreamlike love story with actor Ter Chantavit.

Mai Davika swings Chi Pus trend extremely slay, the owner himself sends a cool sentence - Photo 8

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