Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear?

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The Chinese god Huynh Xiaoming is a familiar name whenever it comes to Chi Pu. Since the show Pedal Wind 2023, Chi Pu has become increasingly close to A-list stars in the Cbiz entertainment industry, the relationship between her and Huynh Xiao Minh has so far surprised netizen.

Up to now, after a long time ending the program and returning to Vietnam, Chi Pu and Huynh Hieu Minh still maintain a super good relationship. This is most evident through Huynh Xiao Minh's support for the singer's Finding You MV.

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 1

Accordingly, Huynh Xiaoming shared the MV on his Weibo channel of 60 million followers. He wrote, "Zhifu's new song is on the air, let's support it." Although the status line is simple, it shows the warmth of the senior sent to Chi Pu. Chi Pu and Huynh Xiaoming also have an extremely close relationship. He is the host of the show Billion Billion Wind Turns.

He supported and encouraged Chi Pu a lot throughout the program. During Hunan Radio's "Spring Wan" program, Chi Pu and Huynh Xiaoming also had a grand duet stage with the song "Rainbow Smile". This Chinese version was strongly shared by a series of stars in the show "Pedal the Wind" who attended with her, including names such as Tai Shaofei, Jessica, Liu Yi Iron, Gong Linna...

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 2

It can be seen that Huynh Xiaoming has special affection and warm support for Chi Pu. Some fans also joked that other beautiful sisters who looked at Chi Pu and Huynh Xiaoming were jealous, other beautiful sisters could hardly have a door compared to the couple.

However, Chi Pu is still very popular with beautiful sisters, from the show to real life. In early 2024, Chi Pu released a behind-the-scenes video of her preparing for Hunan Radio's show with Chinese artists.

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 3

In addition to preparing for Chi Pu's performance on stage for the New Year, fans paid attention to how she behaved with her colleagues and the audience. For example, when meeting the stars in the Chinese version of "Billion Billion Wind Turning" program, the singer enthusiastically came to greet her, confidently and freely started a conversation.

Viewers noticed where Ella said: "We're just like when 'Riding the Wind' saw how time goes by so fast." Artist Ella has a lot of sympathy for Chi Pu. In Pedal the Wind, Chi Pu and Ella are loved by fans, even paired together.

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 4

In addition to chatting, Chi Pu also enlisted to save beautiful moments with the cast of Wind Pedal. They even encouraged each other before going on stage. During his time in the Chinese entertainment market, Chi Pu was quite successful when he gained a large fan base. Chi Pu's success on the Chinese performance stage partly shows the right direction of the singer.

Especially, among the beautiful sisters of the Chinese version of the Wind Pedal program, Liu Yi Iron is quite close to Chi Pu. Many times the audience saw the beauty surnamed Liu show special affection and care for Chi Pu.

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 5

After the show, Chi Pu also kept in touch with Liu Yi. The two remained friends. Every time Chi Pu goes to China to perform or participate in shows, she contacts Liu Yiiron.

Close from the show Pedal Wind 2023, Chi Pu accepted the voice contribution and acting in Liu Nha Iron's "Follow me" MV. The collaboration between Chi Pu and Liu Nha Iron has received many positive feedbacks from the audience.

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 6

Chi Pu and Liu Yiiron's musical handshake quickly became a topic of discussion on the social network Weibo. Chinese media introduced Chi Pu as a "Vietnamese beauty".

Liu shared that she and Chi Pu are close after the 2023 Wind Ride show. Therefore, she invited Chi Pu to participate in the MV. The singer hopes Chi Pu regularly travels to China to work, and she hopes to have the opportunity to visit Vietnam soon.

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 7

Currently, Chi Pu officially professionalizes artistic activities in China when he joins Ryce Entertainment - the country's famous entertainment company. Watching the MV Finding You, it is not difficult to realize that Chi Pu is currently developing a career with 3 companies GOM Global, The First Management and the new appearance of the Ryce company logo. This surprised the people.

Huynh Xiaoming revealed an unbelievable relationship with Chi Pu, which beautiful sister to fear? - Photo 8

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