Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize

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The 1980s and 1990s were the golden age of the Hong Kong (China) entertainment industry, with many famous actresses popular throughout Asia. However, after many years, some goddesses have been defeated by time, no longer having a beautiful face and attractive b.ody like before.

1. Ly Hong

Ly Ỷ Hong won the title of 2nd runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1994. She was also considered the most beautiful and lovely Quach Tuong in all versions of Condor Heroes.

However, recently, Ly Ỷ Hong shared her latest status in a bare face photo. Through the photo, Ly Ỷ Hong's skin has many wrinkles, dark skin, freckles and rashes. This makes the actress look older than her age. Compared with senior Ly Nhuoc Dong, Ly Ỷ Hong does not maintain her youthful appearance, however, she does not seem to care about the demise of her goddess image.

Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize - Photo 1

The "Condor Heroes" actress has revealed that her bad skin is due to being in menopause and too much sun exposure. Facing her own aging, Ly Ỷ Hong showed an optimistic smile.

2. Hong Han

Since joining the entertainment industry, Hong Han has fascinated many people by her beautiful appearance and charismatic acting, especially the movie "Nguyen Chan Hiep" co-starring with Le Minh has turned her into " The famous little flower dan".

Although her career is on the rise, Hong Han's love path is quite rough. In 1996, Hong Han secretly married businessman Hoang Quoc Luong and quickly divorced after a year of marriage. Hong Han continued to date Mac Thieu Thong and broke up in 1999. Also around this time, Hong Han discovered she was pregnant, the c.hild was not welcomed by Mac Thieu Thong.

Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize - Photo 2

After that, Hong Han married his lover 10 years younger, Truong Dan Phong, his own son also took his stepfather's last name. The happy days gradually ended, Hong Han discovered that her husband was sneaking back and forth with his assistant. Betrayed by two close people, the actress moved out of the house and lived with her children day by day. During the live broadcast sharing about her daily life, Hong Han was complained by netizens about her fat b.ody in middle age.

3. Truong Man Ngoc

Truong Man Ngoc has won many awards at home and abroad, even the movie "The mood of love" broadcast in 2000 has become a classic. However, since announcing his retirement, Truong Man Ngoc has become very quiet. She neither opened a social account nor appeared in public. However, the actress is still very stylish at the age of 58, only regret that her beauty is no longer as gorgeous as before, especially the sagging skin and deep neckline.

Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize - Photo 3

4. Chau Hai My

Chau Hai My was once called the most beautiful Chu Chi Nhuoc on the Chinese screen. Not only that, Chau Hai My also participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1985 but unfortunately she did not enter the top 3. However, Chau Hai My was still favored by TVB. After her debut, she has appeared in many classic dramas such as "The Great riot of Quang Xuong Long" and "Ỷ Thien Tu Long Ky"... Chau Hai My is still active on social networks. Not long ago when posting a video and interacting with many netizens, Chau Hai My looked very emaciated with light makeup and yellowish teeth, sunken eyes.

Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize - Photo 4

5. Diep Tuyen

Diep Tuyen was born in 1980, entered the entertainment world after w.inning the international Miss Overseas Chinese contest. The actress joined TVB and co-starred with Tran Hao Dan in Phong Than Bang. After that, she participated in many other hit movies such as Manh Le Quan Unstoppable, Heavenly First Sword,... After leaving TVB, the beauty developed in the field of cinema and received a golden statue. for the Best Supporting Actress a.ward. Diep Tuyen opened his own manufacturing company and achieved certain success.

Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize - Photo 5

The more famous, the more her name is associated with the market. Not only was she rumored to be arrogant, lack of professional ethics, disrespectful to her seniors, Diep Tuyen was also controversial when there were many unusual actions. In the latest sales livestream, Diep Tuyen appeared with a loose outfit, tying her hair on both sides in a childish style. The actress put her feet on the chair, cut her toenails, ate durian and did not wash her hands... These actions of Diep Tuyen were judged impolite and unfriendly.

Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize - Photo 6

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