Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted

Thảo MaiMar 26, 2024 at 17:11

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In 1973, Hong Kong's first beauty contest was officially held. That year, the beautiful Ton Vinh An won the top position. It was thought that she would have a new, rosy life after being crowned, but in reality, she was in trouble all her life.

The first Miss Hong Kong

Hong Kong's first official Miss Pageant was held in 1973 and that year there were not as many contestants as expected.

Among those registering for the contest is Ton Vinh An - a g.irl who is only 18 years old and does not understand much about this contest.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 1

"I used to want to become Miss Hong Kong because I thought that if I won, I could ride the bus and boat for free, and could even travel around the world," Ton Vinh An once shared. .

And indeed, Ton Vinh An surpassed other contestants to become the first Miss Hong Kong in history even though she was criticized for not being beautiful enough and looking older than her age.

It is known that Ton Vinh An was born into a poor family. Since finishing middle school, she has had to work as a hired laborer. Before coming to the beauty pageant, Ton Vinh An used to be a marketing staff for a cosmetics company.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 2

Not only is she the first Miss Hong Kong, Ton Vinh An is also known as "The Most Courageous Miss". Around 1973, Hong Kong people did not accept the Miss beauty contest, feeling that women should not appear in public, which was immoral.

Even though she received a lot of criticism, Ton Vinh An still didn't care. She participated in the beauty contest, won and wanted to join showbiz.

After becoming Miss, Ton Vinh An wanted to sign a contract with TVB but failed, she moved to work at the radio station.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 3

In 1974, Ton Vinh An became the female lead in the movie The Laughing Face and appeared in another movie, Dai Gia Lac. But after filming two movies, Ton Vinh An suddenly stopped his career and went to America to study business administration.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 4

Struggling from career to love

After 1 year of studying in America, Ton Vinh An decided to return to Hong Kong to start a career. Initially, Ton Vinh An failed in business, forcing her to work for someone else.

But with his intelligence and agility and the will to progress, Ton Vinh An finally overcame the previous difficulties and went into business on his own.

In 1975, Ton Vinh An married famous radio and television director in Hong Kong, Tran Gia Ton. But because of their contrasting personalities and different perspectives, their marriage was not smooth.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 5

Just a few months after getting married, Ton Vinh An and Tran Gia Ton quickly divorced, and she began to focus on business instead of remarrying again.

12 years after her first marriage, Ton Vinh An met the next man of her life, real estate businessman Chau Gia Hung.

The life of the first Miss with her husband is very peaceful and happy, they have a son together, Chau Dieu Duong.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 6

But the storms came again, Ton Vinh An's married life was no longer filled with smiles and happiness, instead it was filled with loud arguments.

After being separated for a while, Ton Vinh An and Chau Gia Hung decided to divorce in 1992, Chau Dieu Duong's son was taken care of by her.

Both unwanted marriages made Ton Vinh An completely lose faith in love. She thought she would never love and marry anyone again.

Despite saying so, when he met French national coach Patrick Biancone, Ton Vinh An decided he wanted to stay with him for life.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 7

She said both of them had been divorced so they understood each other's lives. It was because Patrick Biancone understood Ton Vinh An better than her two previous husbands that she was moved. They got married and Ton Vinh An gave Patrick a daughter.

But in 1999, Patrick Biancone was discovered to be possessing and using banned substances. He could no longer coach and had his license to live in Hong Kong revoked. Unable to live in Hong Kong, Ton Vinh An moved with her husband and children to Los Angeles (USA).

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 8

1999 was an extremely difficult year for Ton Vinh An. Her husband is addicted, business is difficult, the whole family has to depend on Ton Vinh An. She experienced great pressure that made her lose all faith in life.

But when looking at her 2-year-old daughter, Ton Vinh An could not give up. She tried her best to rebuild everything, a happy family and a stable career.

Luckily, Ton Vinh An finally got back what she wanted. Currently, Ton Vinh An is nearly 70 years old, has a good business career and a peaceful family life.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 9

Having to go through many ups and downs in life, Ton Vinh An found what she considers "happiness", and life can be considered very fulfilling now.

Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted - Photo 10

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