Luong My Ky and the Vietnamese stars did it and apologized but were not forgiven

NắngMar 26, 2022 at 09:53

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Many netizens disagree that some Vietnamese stars use apologies as a formula to justify their own mistakes.

My Ky salary

Recently, Luong My Ky is one of the names that are making a lot of noise in the beauty world. Specifically, when netizens accused "exaggeration" in a fashion show, Luong My Ky challenged the speaker with very harsh words.

"Everyone, never go along with something. Never think the majority is right. I thank you all for your support. But if I keep quiet, I always think I'm scared, this one's not. I'm not afraid, because I don't want to speak up, just say it Don't think I'm afraid talk a lot," Luong My Ky said.

Luong My Ky and the Vietnamese stars did it and apologized but were not forgiven - Photo 1

The above statements of transgender runner-up Vietnam 2020 were immediately shared on many forums on social networks. Most people think that Luong My Ky has made poor statements, not suitable for the runner-up position of a big beauty contest. Not only that, this obscene runner is also about to represent Vietnam at the Miss International transgender contest in the near future.

Worried about the country's honor being affected by Luong My Ky in the international arena, many netizens asked the organizers of Miss Transgender Vietnam to cancel the beauty's eligibility.

In the face of a wave of intense criticism from fans, Luong My Ky quickly published an article publicly apologizing to the audience for the recent scandal.

The queen explained that the reason why she made such poor statements was because she wanted to attract the attention of the audience to boost sales, not to attack anyone.

However, with what this beauty did, many viewers said that she still could not accept her apology.


Male singer Jack has almost "frozen" all activities since getting caught up in the market of "catch many hands" and calculated in providing for his girlfriend to give birth.

If I have to say a memorable highlight in this noisy incident, surely fans can't help but mention the male singer's apology letter suspected of copying the sample text.

Luong My Ky and the Vietnamese stars did it and apologized but were not forgiven - Photo 2

However, Jack was vindicated by a netizen and the male singer did not copy the sample text.

Despite being vindicated, Jack did not receive the sympathy of the fans because of the insincerity in the apology.

Specifically, in the lengthy apology letter, Jack apologized to his partners, customers and fans, but there was absolutely no apology to the girls he "fished with many hands". , especially Thien An - who carried the burden of giving birth to his c.hild.

That proves, the male singer is just posting an apology to the media, without any sincerity. Even many viewers thought that Jack's apology was "fake", disrespecting the public and seeing the noisy incident as a joke.

Noo Phuoc Thinh

The fact that Noo Phuoc Thinh used words meaning "adult" on his personal page a while ago also caused a stir in the online community.

With this offensive statement, the vocalist "Wipe away tears" was immediately criticized by netizens. Most people condemn Noo Phuoc Thinh's sensitive verbal behavior, because it can adversely affect the thoughts of young fans.

Luong My Ky and the Vietnamese stars did it and apologized but were not forgiven - Photo 3

Seemingly realizing his own mistake, the male singer deleted the post with offensive content and apologized to the entire audience.

"Noo would like to send a sincere apology to the audience and everyone who loves him for his recent statement.

Thanks to the incident, Noo felt the audience's expectations and love for a Noo Phuoc Thinh with a clean and neat image. Again, sorry everyone," the male singer wrote.

However, this is not the first time Noo Phuoc Thinh has been entangled in a controversy about inappropriate statements. Before that, the guy made a fuss by saying to a netizen in 2017, when this person was curious about the male singer's gender orientation: "If you have too much free time, go do something. It's like picking up trash in the yard, like cleaning the toilet."

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