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Luong My Ky was "bullied" in the MFI final: 2nd runner-up but "empty-handed" on stage, receiving 1 cheap thing

Châu Anh14:36:51 04/12/2023
Luong My Ky's journey at Miss Fabulous International 2023 has officially ended with the title of 2nd runner-up. However, on the a.ward stage, she was shocked when she was not given a sash or prize m.oney, but only received at the chicken wing.

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Luong My Ky received great good news, fans will definitely snatch the crown of Miss Fabulous International

Mộc Trà14:13:12 01/12/2023
Vietnamese representatives always appear with a well-groomed appearance and radiant charisma. Although the contest only had 9 contestants, Luong My Ky still played when bringing the powerful team to Thailand.

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Luong My Ky stumbled and went off topic at Miss Fabulous International 2023, fans lost all hope

Mộc Trà14:28:56 30/11/2023
Although the competition is quite young, small scale, few contestants and is labeled as a village pond, Luong My Ky's performance at this playground still receives the attention of many fans.

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Miss International Queen refuses, Luong My Ky is determined to be crowned Miss Fabulous?

Nắng14:21:05 27/11/2023
Previously, it was announced that she would compete in Miss International Queen - Miss International Transgender in 2022. However, after that, Huong Giang's side organized to find a new representative to come to this beauty arena.

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As soon as Luong My Ky entered an international competition, her opponent 'talked behind her back', her fighting attitude caused a stir

Trí Nhi10:24:00 27/11/2023
Runner-up Luong My Ky is causing a stir when she officially goes to war, representing Vietnam at Miss Fabulous International 2023, held in Thailand. However, as soon as she entered the competition, she was talked behind her back by other competitors.

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Luong My International competition, fans fall for the village pond contest, fried egg hotgirl Thanh Tam once participated

Đức Trí15:35:52 26/09/2023
Transgender runner-up Luong My Ky suddenly announced that she would officially compete in the international competition. The online community was shocked and surprised when the name of the competition was not too strange.

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Luong My Ky: Used to be expected, but increasingly exaggerated, causing loss of points in the public's heart

Nắng14:15:45 26/03/2022
Luong My Ky is the 1st runner-up of Miss Transgender Vietnam 2020 and will represent Vietnam at Miss International Transgender 2022 taking place in Thailand in March 2023. Luong My Ky was born in 1999 and her real name is Luong Trung Kien. From a young age he saw the difference...

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Luong My Ky and the Vietnamese stars did it and apologized but were not forgiven

Nắng09:53:55 26/03/2022
Many netizens disagree that some Vietnamese stars use apologies as a formula to justify their own mistakes. My Ky salary Recently, Luong My Ky is one of the names that are making a lot of noise in the beauty world. Specifically, when netizens accused "exaggeration" in a fashion...

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