Luong My Ky: Used to be expected, but increasingly exaggerated, causing loss of points in the public's heart

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Luong My Ky is the 1st runner-up of Miss Transgender Vietnam 2020 and will represent Vietnam at Miss International Transgender 2022 taking place in Thailand in March 2023.

Luong My Ky was born in 1999 and her real name is Luong Trung Kien. From a young age he saw the difference in his gender. By the end of the year, after he had saved up some m.oney, he started thinking about being transgender. Before that, the b.oy ran in a dumb car to sing at bingo venues to m.ake m.oney and save m.oney to be transgender.

Luong My Ky: Used to be expected, but increasingly exaggerated, causing loss of points in the public's heart - Photo 1

It is known that My Ky began to have a predestined relationship with the arts from the 5th grade. At that time, he was acting in a play at elementary school. Since then, he realized his forte and started actively participating in shows. cultural activities of teams and groups. In the 12th grade, because of the family's difficult circumstances, they could not afford to go to school. So he started looking for a part-time job to work at a restaurant, a coffee shop....

In 2018, he received more attention from the audience when he participated in the show "Mysterious Person". Thanks to his high-pitched voice, quite confident in front of the camera lens, and an impressive face, he has been loved by the audience and given himself the nickname "Bottom".

Luong My Ky: Used to be expected, but increasingly exaggerated, causing loss of points in the public's heart - Photo 2

After attending the program "Challenge Comedians", the audience could see more clearly the charming performance of "Lotus", Tran Thanh and Truong Giang both recognized his ability. Although he only stopped at the prize of 10 million VND. But Trung Kien's image has caused a fever and is known to the audience more, which can be said to be a success for the young man.

Besides modeling, he also tried his hand at acting as an actor through the MV "Loc Canh" by singer Titi (group HKT) in September 2020.

In order to have the current aura, few people know that Luong My Ky has to work very hard and hard to become a success known and supported by fans. My Ky has just studied hard to save m.oney for transgender. This is the dream and the desire to live in accordance with their gender and be able to register to compete in the popular beauty arenas.

Luong My Ky: Used to be expected, but increasingly exaggerated, causing loss of points in the public's heart - Photo 3

In order to have a face from a b.oy to a beautiful g.irl with a full b.ody, Luong My Ky had to undergo many painful gender reassignment surgeries. After more than a year of living on her own, the g.irl born in 1999 confidently showed off her fiery hourglass b.ody.

Luong My Ky's name continues to be noticed through the show Perfect Ambassador - Miss Transgender Vietnam 2020. Possessing attractive beauty, strong personality helps her become a potential contestant. Currently, she has a feminine face and a rather h.ot b.ody. The beauty plans to continue many other surgeries to make herself the most feminine. Ready to conquer the noble crown like Miss Huong Giang.

In recent days, transgender runner-up Luong My Ky is going to perform surgery to remove her left neck after more than 1 year of transgender, it is known that this is an important surgery to get a more feminine voice, so the beauty is also good. been mentally ill for a long time to have enough conditions to do it.

Luong My Ky: Used to be expected, but increasingly exaggerated, causing loss of points in the public's heart - Photo 4

She is the representative of Vietnam to attend the Miss International Transgender 2022 contest held in Thailand in March 2022. With her beautiful beauty, she makes everyone amazed. Many people believe that Luong My Ky will have many good achievements and stand at a high position in the contest rankings.

However, this time, Luong My Ky became the most controversial name on social media when there were harsh statements, responding 1:1 with antifan. After being commented on how ridiculous the catwalk, wearing a skirt lost the shape of the design, the transgender beauty not only did not admit her fault but also spoke to netizens.

After causing controversy throughout social networks because of the clip arguing with antifan with harsh words, Luong My Ky also officially apologized to the audience. In her post, the transgender beauty admitted her mistake, saying that she just wanted to make a shocking statement to attract attention, thinking that doing so would make online sales more convenient.

Luong My Ky: Used to be expected, but increasingly exaggerated, causing loss of points in the public's heart - Photo 5

In addition, Luong My Ky also apologized to those mentioned in the livestream for making statements that touched colleagues. Ky was born in 1999, this year Ky is only 23 years old. Because Ky himself is too hot-tempered, arrogant, arrogant, plus his voice and gestures are not good, during the livestream on March 21, Ky died. control when I see a younger audience member commenting, leading to bad words about how to address and hurt others... Ky sincerely apologizes to the brothers and sisters that Ky mentioned on the livestream. Ky doesn't want that," Luong My Ky shared.

However, so far, Luong My Ky's apologies have not been able to appease public opinion. The audience is still hotly arguing about this incident.

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