Businessman Quoc Cuong countered 'dame' accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France

Juni NguyễnSep 08, 2023 at 13:33

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Perhaps the drama between Jack and businessman Quoc Cuong has not come to an end when the two continuously "war of words" on social networks when one accuses the other, leading to long-running stories.

In response to a series of articles claiming that Jack flipped when he did not keep previous agreements about meeting football superstar Messi to then make the businessman Quoc Cuong affect his relationships, Jack spoke out through his page.

At the same time, Jack accused the businessman of bullying him, raising the price to meet Messi from 2 billion to 5 billion. However, the singer did not mention whether he contacted Lionel Messi to ask for permission to use the image of the Argentine superstar in the MV or not.

Businessman Quoc Cuong countered dame accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France - Photo 1

In response to the feedback from Jack, on the morning of September 8, businessman Quoc Cuong - who brought singer Jack to meet the player Messi continued to have the latest post posted on his personal Facebook page. Accordingly, Cuong said this will be the last time to talk about the controversy surrounding the meeting between singer Jack and famous football player Messi.

According to businessman Quoc Cuong, the thing that he is most upset about is affecting his relationship abroad, which is the story of 60 billion, and there is no correction immediately after the information comes out.

"If you're a decent person who knows first, then as soon as there are rumors about the $60 billion cost... I should correct immediately, to avoid affecting the UK and everyone who helped me, only 5 billion and everything is already loud, if people think it is 60 billion, what is the effect???

Businessman Quoc Cuong countered dame accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France - Photo 2

And if the 60 billion rumor was created by me and my team for some purpose, only my conscience knows. The truth will always be the truth. And I want to clarify, I hope you invite the police to step in to restore your honor," the businessman said.

"The 2nd thing I want you to correct is asking permission to shoot the MV, this at that time my team could not talk to Messi's side and Messi's side did not know who I was, I also wanted to be clear after saying that I had asked for permission. This is also simple but I do not correct immediately, if the back side asks for permission by email or anything, if you want to help me prove, it is not difficult for me to correct, especially for those who help me realize my dream", the businessman asked Jack to publicly email his work with Messi about using images included in the MV.

Businessman Quoc Cuong countered dame accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France - Photo 3

Regarding the "quotation" increased from VND 2 billion to VND 5 billion, Mr. Cuong said: "I simply summarize that meeting Messi with the first two appointments failed, so it was only the 3rd time to reschedule. The arrangement for a private appointment is different from the appointment to meet Messi at the stadium so the cost changes are normal."

In addition, the businessman also claimed that Jack provided a lot of false information about the meeting with Messi during the press conference. Cuong said there was no way Jack had dinner with Messi.

"The truth will always be the truth, because at first I just wanted you to correct me, so I didn't mention what you said that was not true, but now I also say that not many journalists receive false information .

Businessman Quoc Cuong countered dame accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France - Photo 4

Taking the crew a lot to France: basically he only saw 2 people, maybe there were more places but did not understand what to do when 1 person was accompanied to shoot or take any photos.

- Dinner with Messi: There is absolutely no dinner but going there for dinner, waiting for Messi and his friends to finish eating, then come in and ask for a photo with the sign.

- The shirt Messi signed: Because I don't have meaningful shirts, even that shirt is borrowed from me to sign, 1 day before the press conference I sent it for you to use, there is absolutely no Messi giving the shirt ", businessman Quoc Cuong clarified that Jack had announced earlier in the press conference.

Businessman Quoc Cuong countered dame accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France - Photo 5

The businessman said he would not hold a press conference and decided not to speak after the announcement to "stop everything here".

" After 1 day of thinking, I realized that I am just 1 person who has a special passion for football and music and has nothing to do with entertainment, showbiz ... There have been times when I've gotten caught up in the media and acted like I wasn't me over the years.

Businessman Quoc Cuong countered dame accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France - Photo 6

So I decided to stop and this will be the last time I speak out about this.

As for Jack, I would like to send the last words as follows: Before the 2 brothers met, I received a lot of advice from worthy people, even those who lived and lived in and shared a blanket with me not to tie in.

However, also because of the common relationships, because of the passions that I also connected with many people to have a meeting with Messi, I agreed to let you go with me. The life path is still long, I wish you a good life and career," businessman Quoc Cuong added.

Businessman Quoc Cuong countered dame accusing Jack of lying to be given a shirt, dinner with Messi, taking the crew to France - Photo 7

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