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Female Tiktoker 9x reveals terminal illness, warns of 3 bad habits everyone has

Kim Lâm13:51:55 04/01/2024
Talking about the moment she found out about the disease, the tiktoker completely did not believe because her b.ody felt normal and healthy. However, after understanding, she learned that the real reason stemmed from her hard-to-quit habits when she was younger.

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Famous female TikToker dies, funny words on social media turn into heartbreaking reality

Nguyễn Tuyết17:42:43 02/01/2024
Netizens were shocked to learn that the TikToker with more than 1 million followers on Douyin (Chinese TikTok) was confirmed to have died of drowning when he was only in his 20s.

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Ms. Hai Bao suddenly "transformed" her femininity: Wearing a s.exy pink dress and a crown made netizens gasp

Nguyễn Kim16:28:11 22/11/2023
On social networks, Ms. Hai Bao suddenly posted a transformation clip that made the online community unbelievable. With a feminine image, the female tiktoker dressed up extremely gently with a pink dress and extremely beautiful makeup.

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Tiktoker Gu Ngan caused controversy when talking about men demanding a share of the bill: "It's no self-respect"

Gia Linh09:33:02 01/11/2023
Recently, Gu Ngan's sharing related to her boyfriend offering to share a bill with his girlfriend on a date caused a lot of controversy. Accordingly, the majority of the online community feels that the female Tiktoker's words are quite heavy.

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Tiktoker Dang Thu Ha almost destroyed the proposal, first talking about her boyfriend and the time "coming home"

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:11:56 25/10/2023
After being proposed by her boyfriend on October 20, tiktoker Dang Thu Ha had her first share about that wonderful moment. In addition, she also expressed a lot of love when she first talked about her mysterious boyfriend.

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Tiktoker Gonpinkk posted a photo of herself "emaciated" in a hospital bed, but fans only paid attention to this detail!

Gia Hoàng14:47:46 28/08/2023
Recently on the Tiktok page, Gonpinkk posted a status line that had to cancel all work due to health conditions. But soon after, the latest video of the female tiktoker made fans stir for this reason.

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Tiktoker millions of followers Lan Anh SVM suffered 'physical impact' for snatching husband, going to hotel with chairman

Yaya10:57:21 21/08/2023
The news that the female tiktoker is popular on social media with a series of short films - Holland England was recently beaten jealously by a woman who came to the office, three sides a word about creeping other people's husbands caused a stir.

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TikToker Min Min "exposed" after being discharged from hospital for laughing ball p.oisoning, fans race to "inquire"

Huỳnh Phúc14:14:39 16/08/2023
Returning after nearly 2 months in hiding due to being hospitalized due to N2O p.oisoning, Min Min appeared with her usual pretty appearance, she was constantly visited by many fans and followers.

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An Xi refuted the rumor of being "cut off", revealing the reason for "crying" that made Xiang Jiang mad?

Khánh Tự08:45:19 13/08/2023
The reality show - looking for popular models in Vietnam has just aired, with the appearance of many famous names in the Vietnamese fashion world. Of course, there are 4 coaches: Thanh Hang, Ho Ngoc Ha, Huong Giang and Lan Khue.

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Female Tiktoker kicked HH Y Nhi: 'Miss is like a bunch of vegetables, take m.oney to the market to choose, any price is available'

Yaya11:29:15 31/07/2023
Before a series of controversies of the new Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Huynh Tran Y Nhi, recently a famous female Tiktoker expressed her views and received much sympathy and approval.

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"Lisa Vietnam" Ciin Thao Ly was called the most by people on the night of the concert, why?

Gia Hoàng10:19:19 31/07/2023
Once labeled as Lisa Vietnam, recently on the second night of the Born Pink Hanoi concert, tiktoker Ciin Thao Ly was the name that people called the most in the concert last night.

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'Hotgirl fish tank' Ngan B.aby was accused of stealing m.oney and not paying it, still showing off her face and raising her voice to challenge

Yaya10:27:36 08/07/2023
Not ashamed to be the current queen of the market, recently, the h.ot g.irl Ngan B.aby aquarium continues to be posted by a h.ot Tiktoker, accusing her of being harsh, concave, borrowing m.oney and not paying, which has made netizens interested.

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The female TikToker cheated on her lover because of her 8 million salary, broke up and challenged her, and frankly said she was incompetent and useless

Thanh Phúc07:19:32 06/07/2023
The internet was in an uproar at the scandal of a female TikToker who was accused by her ex-lover of being a cheater, criticizing her boyfriend with a salary of 8 million so they broke up even though they had previously sworn off a relationship. What is more noteworthy is the challenge and challenge. Hers is for this ex-lover.

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Hotgirl Huyen 2k4 burst into tears, hoping her husband would see her as "like a child" after her "slanderous" statement.

Nguyễn Kim16:24:47 05/07/2023
After talking about her newlywed husband on the livestream was attacked by the online community, recently, hotgirl Le Thi Khanh Huyen had new shares in the video before the newly announced wedding.

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Miss Ngoc Beo - The person who was involved in a scandal with Hoang Huong passed away at the age of 41

Yang Mi23:48:36 11/04/2023
The news that H.ot Tiktoker Ngoc Beo died of liver cancer on the evening of April 11 surprised many people. Many people have sent their condolences to this Tiktoker female family. On the evening of April 11, on Tiktoker's official fanpage, Ngoc Beo died at the age of 41 in Hanoi...

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Tiktoker hundreds of thousands of followers accused of being harassed while going for a massage, the way the salon handles it is worth mentioning

Thanh Phúc15:14:20 27/02/2023
A famous Tiktoker recently shocked the public with accusations of being harassed while using massage services, people had the opportunity to talk about it, but the solution of this establishment's manager is worth mentioning. . Netizens have recently been stirred up by the story...

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Exposing the identity of a female tiktoker who rented an ambulance to go out with her lover: beautiful but ugly

Phúc Sen11:30:28 17/02/2023
Exposing the identity of a female tiktoker who acted rudely, rented an ambulance running at 120km / h to go out with her lover, causing the online community to strongly condemn, with beauty but lack of consciousness and bad character. In recent days, the Vietnamese online...

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H.ot TikToker escaped Itaewon thanks to his craving for ice cream, mourning his departed Vietnamese friend

Hoàng Anh09:19:06 01/11/2022
There are witnesses in the stampede in Itaewon, South Korea on Halloween night, narrowly escaping from the scythe of d.eath, which can only be explained by one word "luck". The Halloween night incident in Itaewon, South Korea has caused a stir in Asian and world media. As a...

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Le Bong for the first time told all about the controversial market controversies during the past time

Hoàng Anh11:56:35 13/10/2022
With his active and cheerful personality, Le Bong quickly gained a certain amount of love after joining the tiktok village. However, along with her popularity, many times she got involved in the market with a series of noises such as posing offensively in a sacred place or...

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Le Bong responded harshly when he was "ask for price" after the moment of showing off his "giant" 3rd round

Hoàng Anh18:09:09 17/09/2022
Before the question of the online account related to the recent noise of "going to customers", Le Bong had an extremely harsh but equally poignant response. The online community is still speculating about names related to the $15,000 line. Some incorrect speculations are called...

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Ha Linh spoke up about the famous hotpot restaurant's accusation that everyone had a stomach ache, but everyone nodded.

An Nhi12:20:52 13/08/2022
Before the news that a famous hotpot restaurant chain was accused of causing a series of stomach ache diners to be hospitalized, confusing public opinion, Ha Linh also shared her personal views on her personal page. Recently, social networks have not stopped spreading the case...

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Le Thuy "the young lady" finally "takes off" to shave off the "Amazon jungle"

Hoàng Anh08:59:56 29/07/2022
Although she used to be extremely proud of her armpit hair work, Le Thuy recently for some reason decided to "shrug" herself and move to the "Amazon jungle". In the past few days, people have not stopped arguing about h.ot TikToker Le Thuy letting her armpit hair go to the event...

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The g.irl who holds a stack of change to pay an order of 1 million dong makes netizens angry because of her bad jokes

Duyên Trần08:45:00 27/10/2021
Recently, on social networks, an article with a picture has been spread to express anger at a g.irl with the nickname NL, from Ho Chi Minh City. The g.irl was criticized for acting carelessly with a shipper (delivery person). The incident comes from the clip posted by this g.irl on...

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Female TikToker "shocked" with a clip of instructions for cheating in exams

Hồng Hạnh16:00:52 18/07/2021
Due to the complicated epidemic situation, many schools have applied multiple-choice testing in the form of Google Form. So HPN showed students how to hack the source code, copy and paste how to get the answer. Cheating on exams is taboo in schools to ensure fair grades for all...

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