CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet

Hoàng PhúcJun 09, 2022 at 07:36

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Although h.ot TikTokers own accounts of several million followers, and are always appreciated for their beauty and s.exy b.ody, when appearing on television, female "TikTok idols" are still controversial. vehemently arguing about different beauty.

CiiN Bui Thao Ly revealed a less pretty corner

CiinN - Bui Thao Ly (SN 1997) owns a Tik Tok account with nearly 7 million followers, often causing storms on the internet because of his million-view dance clips. She is one of the rare Vietnamese characters who can create a trend right on the Douyin platform (Tik Tok of China).

Especially in her million-viewed clips, CiiN attracts attention by her beautiful and personality appearance with her characteristic 2-color hair. Many viewers have given CiiN the name 'Vietnamese Lisa' (the famous female singer in the BLACKPINK group).

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 1

But when she appeared on the TV show, the beauty of the h.ot TikToker CiiN caused everyone to be controversial, many people thought that her beauty was different from what she saw on TikTok videos.

However, there are also many people who defended, saying that CiiN is less sharp than usual because the camera angle is not good and the makeup is not very suitable.

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 2

After a series of controversies, Ciin decided to intervene under the knife. Specifically, the hotgirl born in 1997 is not afraid to admit that she has corrected her nose, causing netizens to stir

After the cutlery, her head and nose wings are noticeably slimmer. This change helps the appearance of "Lisa Vietnam" become more elegant and harmonious.

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 3

As soon as it was public, the beauty after "cutlery" of the beautiful people received compliments from the public. The majority of the audience expressed their support for CiiN's decision to revamp this appearance.

Before becoming a h.ot TikTok, Thao Ly had a passion for dancing, she also modeled for clothing stores and was a teacher of dance courses loved by many young people.

Ciin graduated from University, but because she was so passionate about dancing, after studying for a year, she decided to join the Dance Company from 2018 until now, she is still an official member.

Tran Thanh Tam was stoned because her beauty on TV is different from the photo posted on social media

Tran Thanh Tam is one of the hottest TikTokers on social networks. She is often called "hot g.irl fried eggs" with a verse that once made her trend. Recently, when appearing on television, Tran Thanh Tam received mixed opinions from the audience.

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 4

Specifically, when participating in a game show, the h.ot g.irl fried egg was thrown by many netizens because she thought she was acting ridiculous when she appeared on television, 22 years old and still acting like a g.irl. 12-13 years old.

Previously, the beauty received many negative feedbacks because of the "excessive rhythm" in the clip posted on social networks, or sensitive statements such as: "Better to study stupid and m.ake m.oney than those who took the 25, 30 exam. points, but didn't earn any m.oney."

In addition, Tran Thanh Tam's face is also said to have more strange parts than the pictures she posted on social networks. Many people were quite surprised when her face looked swollen, not as beautiful as the edited photos or million-view Tik Tok clips.

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 5

This is not the first time Tran Thanh Tam appears less sharp than photos on social networks. She often receives mixed opinions because of excessive photo editing, so her beauty is far from the "virtual live" image.

Recently, "hot g.irl fried egg" received a lot of attention when participating in the Miss Fitness Vietnam contest. After losing weight, Tran Thanh Tam's beauty was commented to be better than before, but her legs were less slender when performing in the swimsuit competition.

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 6

It is known that in the past, Tran Thanh Tam had a weight loss journey to get the current appearance. "Hot g.irl fried eggs" once shared on her personal Facebook page that: "Posting this for the kids to have the motivation to lose weight. I'm 65kg in 2015 and don't know how to beautify anything. 2020 I'm 50kg and have finished braces. Successful puberty is about trying on your own. Many of you say that I fix it, but I fix it by my parents."

It can be seen that the audience is quite annoyed when Tran Thanh Tam is a bit too exaggerated and quite trendy when she appears on the TV show. Many people advise that she should change her expression to be more loved by the people.

Le Bong argues from beauty to style

In addition to Tran Thanh Tam, CiiN Thao Ly, Le Bong was also a name that received many criticisms when appearing on TV shows, stemming from immature knowledge to offensive clothes, images on other TVs. far from reality.

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 7

When she was a guest in H.ot With EURO, she made the audience shake their heads with many ignorant comments about this sport. Besides, she misused even the most basic terminology.

Besides, through her appearances on television programs, Le Bong also caused netizens to discuss because of the inappropriate way of dressing. This g.irl often chooses body-hugging tops and pants to r.eveal her full first and third round. However, this caused many TV viewers to admit that it was too "painful".

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 8

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 9

Like many other popular h.ot girls, Le Bong's "Phi" picture is better than when going to the show, both sparkling, sharp and charismatic.

CiiN, Le Bong and the "top" idols eat tons of bricks because their beauty on TV is far from the internet - Photo 10

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