Bach Loc "drown" himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi

Diệu AnhApr 16, 2024 at 11:04

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Recently, netizens were "confused" when Bach Loc appeared "like an ancient aunt" in the new historical drama "Lam Giang Tien". Completely different from her usual image of being beautiful and radiant, causing her to be compared to a woman.

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 1

Bach Loc, an actress is famous for many successful television series. Recently, she officially participated in the fairy tale historical film project "Lam Giang Tien". The film was produced by Vu Chinh, a famous Chinese film "boss", and IQIYI.

Right from the announcement of the cast, "Lam Giang Tien" has received the attention of a large audience. However, recently, Bach Loc's appearance in the film suddenly caused fierce controversy on social networks.

The first image of Bach Loc in "Lam Giang Tien" was revealed a few days ago and made many people disappointed. Instead of the gorgeous, sophisticated dresses often seen in historical films, Bach Loc in "Lam Giang Tien" wears simple, even somewhat "countryside" outfits. High bun hairstyle and light makeup make the actress's beauty somewhat "drowned". Many viewers believe that this appearance makes Bach Loc lose her inherent beauty, looking like a maid and lacking the "aura" of a female lead.

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 2

In particular, when compared to the appearance of female supporting character Trieu Chieu Nghi in the same movie, many viewers think that Bach Loc is completely "inferior". Trieu Chieu Nghi possesses beautiful, radiant beauty and gorgeous, elegant outfits, attracting all eyes. Some opinions even criticized Vu Chinh, saying that he "dumbfounded" Bach Loc and caused her to lose her role as the female lead in the film.

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 3

However, as screenwriter Vu Chinh explained, the images that people passed around of Bach Loc were not officially created in Lam Giang Tien, the hair was only temporarily tied into a bun, only to be removed when filming to avoid tangles. . Promising to have a spectacular "transformation" in the official version.

And indeed, a few hours ago, when Bach Loc's graceful and beautiful image was revealed, people realized that perhaps they had mistakenly blamed Vu Chinh and the stylist.

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 4

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 5

The controversy over Bach Loc's appearance in "Lam Giang Tien" once again draws attention to the importance of appearance in movies. This makes many fans worried about Bach Loc's beauty in the new movie. Character creation can greatly affect the audience's perception of the film and the actor's role. Therefore, choosing a design that suits the character and has high aesthetics is extremely important.

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 6

Lam Giang Tien belongs to the original script, not an adaptation like the vast majority of current Chinese film projects, which according to Vu Chinh, will create a big "earthquake". "The story I love the most deserves the actor I love the most. The first 1/3 of the movie is better than Goblin, the middle 1/3 of the movie is better than The Glory, the last 1/3 will be the story of upgrading to infinite flow (the main character travels through many worlds to do the leveling up mission)", Vu Chinh wrote on his personal Weibo page.

In addition, this incident also shows Vu Chinh's influence in the Chinese entertainment industry. As a powerful film producer, Vu Chinh can create attraction for any project he participates in. However, the shocking and controversial statements surrounding Vu Chinh also made him the center of controversy.

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 7

Although he is considered to have "many talents and many shortcomings", it cannot be denied that Vu Chinh is a film producer with talent and vision. Vu Chinh is still known as the "golden screenwriter" because he is extremely cool when promoting actors. He helped Duong Mich and Trieu Le Dinh become top stars, and overnight turned Hua Khai and Ngo Can Ngon into stars. At the same time, screenwriter Vu also helped stars who were past their prime such as Tan Lam and Charmaine Sheh become famous again.

Bach Loc d.rown himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi - Photo 8

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