Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent?

Diệu AnhApr 20, 2024 at 12:37

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The latest photos of Trinh Sang in the US were shared by a Chinese blogger on Weibo on the evening of April 18. The actress appeared with a fresh appearance, however many people think that Trinh Sang's face is much different from when she was active in showbiz.

Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent? - Photo 1

Trinh Sang used to be one of the "tops" of the Chinese entertainment industry, not only because of her pure beauty and sweetness like first love, but also thanks to her huge film treasure, having a huge fan base and achieving a lot. resounding success.

However, Trinh Sang's brilliant career suddenly collapsed in 2021 after a series of shocking private life scandals. Big brands announced to stop cooperating with Trinh Sang. The General Administration of Publicity and Broadcasting of China ordered to "freeze" all artistic activities of 9X beauties. Movies that she participated in, whether main or supporting roles such as Co Kiem Ky Dam, Love at First Sight, Summer Solstice Haven't Come... all had to be removed from broadcasting platforms.

Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent? - Photo 2

Since leaving the limelight, her name has always caused a stir on the internet every time she appears. Recently, Trinh Sang continued to become a topic of discussion in the online community with images of everyday life in America.

Contrary to fans' speculation, it seems the actress has a pretty good life. appeared with a fresh appearance, not too haggard, but many people commented that her face had changed quite a lot compared to the time she was active in the arts. Trinh Sang has bright hair, a youthful blue dress and high boots.

Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent? - Photo 3

If it weren't for the caption, many people would mistakenly think this was a photo of Trinh Sang when he was still active in art. Some comments said that Trinh Sang looked "haggard" and "different", some even couldn't recognize this as a once famous actress.

Trinh Sang's brilliant career collapsed overnight because of a scandal of tax evasion and hiring a surrogate mother. In March 2021, Truong Hang - Trinh Sang's ex-boyfriend - released evidence accusing the actress of tax evasion of 70 million yuan (about 10 million USD) and hiring a surrogate mother in the US.

Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent? - Photo 4

Tianyancha legal litigation information shows that Dong Khai Chi Tinh company - producer of Trinh Sang's Vulgar Lover was fined 27.77 million yuan (3.8 million USD) due to a contract dispute with Tencent, the court People of Chaoyang District, Beijing, carry out the sentence.

In February, she was searched by Truong Pham - a producer who invested in the fake Top Secret movie - in many American cities, demanding that she repay her debt. He revealed to the press that he spent 20 days asking about the actress's whereabouts but still got no news.

Not stopping there, Dong Khai Chi Tinh company also sued Trinh Sang for violating the service contract. After three years of litigation, the court issued a verdict requiring Trinh Sang to pay 90.5 million yuan (about 12.6 million USD) in compensation. This amount includes 30.5 million yuan (4.2 million USD) that Trinh Sang received from the company and 60 million yuan (8.2 million USD) in compensation fees for damages caused by her scandal. Chinese-Korean co-production film cannot be broadcast.

Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent? - Photo 5

However, after applying asset investigation measures, the court determined that Trinh Sang was unable to pay this amount. Although there is information that the actress owns assets worth 230 million yuan (32 million USD) in the US, she always refuses to pay debts in her home country. Trinh Sang confirmed that he is currently unemployed, living on his parents' pension and is cooperating with the US court to settle his debts.

Through this scandal, Trinh Sang's image completely collapsed. The actress was completely "banned" (banned from broadcasting), major brands simultaneously cut representation contracts, and had to face a series of lawsuits demanding compensation for damages.

Trinh Sang shows off his bright appearance in the US, living comfortably despite being insolvent? - Photo 6

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