Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role

Thanh PhúcJun 18, 2024 at 06:46

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Runner-up Kim Duyen made beauty fans excited when she suddenly announced terrible news, re-entering the international arena with a new role. She is also the first beauty in Vietnam to receive this noble responsibility, fans are extremely proud.

On June 17, 2022 Supranational Runner-up - Kim Duyen posted an article on her Fanpage officially confirming the information that she will take on the role of judge at two international contests, Miss Supranational - Miss Supranational. 2024 and Mister Supranational - Mister Supranational 2024. The home page of Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational also has a post announcing that Kim Duyen will be a judge, accompanying the two contests.

Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role - Photo 1

Runner-up Kim Duyen received an invitation to sit in the "weight-bearing" position from the president of Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational. The beauty from Can Tho will be present in Poland from June 30 to meet the organizers and take turns participating in judging at two "arenas" that have received great attention from many fans.

Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role - Photo 2

Returning to Miss Supranational as a judge, Kim Duyen is also the first Vietnamese queen with an international title to become an official judge of a beauty contest belonging to the Grand Slam or "Big 5" system - "Big 6". Besides, the queen was also trusted by the organizers to be the judge, along with many prestigious names in the beauty field to find the winner at the Mister Supranational 2024 contest.

Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role - Photo 3

Kim Duyen was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2019, twice excellently representing Vietnam in 2 international beauty contests and brought home impressive achievements: Top 16 Miss Universe 2021, 2nd runner-up at Miss Supranational 2022. As the record holder of the Vietnamese sash s.trip at the Miss Supranational arena, Kim Duyen couldn't help but be excited to have the opportunity to return to Poland, meet and work with the contest organizers with examiner role.

Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role - Photo 4

Sharing information about new activities in the beauty field, Kim Duyen also surprised fans with a photo album in collaboration with Stylist Tran Dat and photographer Milor Tran. The splendid design of designer Do Long and designer Thuong Gia Ky enhances the mature, s.exy and luxurious beauty of the female judge of Miss Supranational 2024. In the videos and behind-the-scenes images of the photo shoot, Fans have given many compliments to Kim Duyen's beauty, charisma and charisma. Many comments also expressed their desire for the queen to continue her beauty pageant journey.

Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role - Photo 5

Kim Duyen always sees the title of 2nd runner-up at Miss Supranational 2022 as a beautiful ending for her journey of conquering beauty contests. "I admire beauty queens and runner-ups who have won titles at major international competitions and continue to conquer new heights in other arenas. Although there is still a lot of excitement and passion for the beauty field But I've had enough with the experience of competing both domestically and internationally. I think I won't participate in any more beauty contests. Instead, I will renew myself with a new role. new job so that I can learn more and still retain the attention and support of beauty fans," Kim Duyen shared.

Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role - Photo 6

According to the schedule, Kim Duyen will leave for Poland at the end of June 2024. Although she no longer has the pressure to compete like she did in the two "international battles", the queen and her crew still plan to carefully prepare their luggage and discuss with the organizers about activities at the competition. Always appear professional and stand out. "Being the runner-up of the Miss Supranational pageant and working with other famous international judges, I want to always appear neat and radiant. I hope you are beauty fans in Countries watching Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational 2024 will be interested in hearing the introduction: Judge Kim Duyen is from Vietnam," Kim Duyen added.

Kim Duyen created a media explosion and returned to the Supranational house with a new role - Photo 7

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