Dang Thanh Ngan was "completely ignored" by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words

Kim LâmJul 01, 2023 at 11:26

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In the past few days, Dang Thanh Ngan has started the days of fighting in the Miss Supranational beauty arena. However, she did not leave much of an impression on the media when repeatedly "flying color" at the charts.

After a period of preparation, late on June 25, 2017 Oceania runner-up Dang Thanh Ngan - Vietnam's representative departed for Poland to attend Miss Supranational 2023.

Dang Thanh Ngan faced a lot of pressure from the public. Since the beauty was announced as the representative of Vietnam in Miss Supranational, she was repeatedly questioned about her ability.

Before going to Poland to compete, on June 24, Dang Thanh Ngan was announced by the organizers as the winner of the vote Miss Influencer's Challenge - Influential beauty on the social networking platform Facebook. Her photo on the contest homepage currently has more than 270 thousand likes and more than 136 thousand shares.

Dang Thanh Ngan was completely ignored by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words - Photo 1

However, Thanh Ngan was judged to have poor English in the self-introduction video at the contest. Before that, she was also not appreciated when participating in the sub-test SupraChat - interview.

Until now, representing Vietnam is not the choice of beauty experts. Her name has not really attracted attention. Recently, the beauty site Global Beauties continues to release a list of the 11 most potential fighters this season and unfortunately the representative of Vietnam - runner-up Dang Thanh Ngan is still not named.

This is the second time that Dang Thanh Ngan is "absent" at this Hotpick table. Although this is just an objective assessment based on observation and recognition of the contestants after being present in Poland and participating in some of the first activities, domestic beauty fans still hope to represent Vietnam. Nam will go upstream in the next rounds.

Dang Thanh Ngan was completely ignored by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words - Photo 2

Before that, the ranking of the website Sash Factor was the basis for beauty fans to "spot the face" of potential candidates for the noble crown. However, runner-up Thanh Ngan was not named in the top 20 finalists.

5 beauties are expected for the position of the United States, the runner-up of Supranational in turn called the names of the representatives: Ecuador - Venezuela - Thailand - Philippines - Peru. These are all candidates with impressive faces, standard bodies and terrible "profiles".

Dang Thanh Ngan was completely ignored by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words - Photo 3

During his time in Poland, due to the rather cold weather, it had more or less influence on showing off his physique and curves, but Dang Thanh Ngan recently had an error of mixing clothes that lacked personality and did not fit together. . However, when all the lenses ignored her, the big sister First Patraporn Wang - the famous beauty from the land of the Golden Temple gave praise to the new set of Vietnamese representatives.

Dang Thanh Ngan was completely ignored by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words - Photo 4

With a pair of skinny jeans mixed with a long coat, she was awarded a beautiful word by the opponent: So cute . Maybe this is just a comforting word of encouragement with the spirit of friendship connection after a series of competition days, but it also helps Dang Thanh Ngan have more energy to continue fighting in the journey ahead.

Dang Thanh Ngan was completely ignored by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words - Photo 5

Miss Supranational was first held in 2009 in the city of PÅ‚ock, Poland. After 14 years, Miss Supranational is considered as one of the 6 biggest beauty contests in the world, next to Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International and Miss Grand International.

Previously, runner-up Kim Duyen was the one who brought the highest achievement for Vietnam at the Miss Supranational 2022 contest with the 2nd runner-up position. Other representatives of Vietnam such as runner-up Le Quyen, Miss Ngoc Chau, who Minh Tu model all reached the Top 10 finalists.

With the beauty and continuous efforts to improve herself of the runner-up, at the present time, Miss Supranational Vietnam 2023 is expected to "make a story", maintaining the achievements for Vietnam in the beauty arena. world.

Dang Thanh Ngan was completely ignored by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words - Photo 6

Dang Thanh Ngan was born in 1999 in Soc Trang, 1.75m high, 55kg weight, three rounds index: 85-60-95cm. Dang Thanh Ngan is the 2nd runner-up of Miss Ocean 2017, Miss Elegant Student of Can Tho City 2017... Passionate about acting, she participated in a professional stage actor training course at the Hong Drama Theater. Van for 3 years. Dang Thanh Ngan participated in movies such as: Silk (as Russia), Sitcom Miss Detective ...

Dang Thanh Ngan was completely ignored by the media at MS 2023, the opponent went straight to his personal page and said 2 words - Photo 7

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