Jisoo revealed her ambitious nature, wanting to "take over" Korea, fans expressed their horrified attitude

An NhiApr 10, 2024 at 13:28

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Since going solo with her own company BLISSOO, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has "gone like a kite" with a busy schedule. Recently, she also decided to expand her brand to 13 different areas.

After establishing her own company, Jisoo is showing that she is a dynamic and hard-working artist. In just the first few months of 2024, the eldest sister of BLACKPINK has "bombarded" many fields such as movies, fashion...

Not stopping there, recently, Jisoo BLACKPINK took a significant step in expanding her brand by submitting an application to register 13 new business fields for the company "BLISSOO" on KIPRIS (Department Information Service). Korean Intellectual Property).

Jisoo revealed her ambitious nature, wanting to take over Korea, fans expressed their horrified attitude - Photo 1

This strategic move shows Jisoo's potentially ambitious plans to venture into multiple industries, potentially including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and more.

The application was submitted under her real name - Kim Jisoo. Business areas mentioned in the profile include: Cosmetics; Photography, film, communication techniques; Jewelry, watches, precious metals; Printing, packaging, stationery; Leather, handbags, luggage; Clothes, shoes, hats; Accessories (ribbons, decorative tapes...); Entertainment, gaming equipment, sports equipment; Advertising, business management and office management; Telecommunication; Educational, training, entertainment, sports and cultural activities; Restaurants, food services; Health, veterinary medicine, agriculture, fishery, forestry.

Jisoo revealed her ambitious nature, wanting to take over Korea, fans expressed their horrified attitude - Photo 2

Before that, Jisoo wanted to create a dynamic platform for her to actively interact with her fans. Through many different activities, not limited to one field. In addition, the company also wants to bring diversity in roles and Jisoo's positive energy sources to the audience.

Regarding the name, Blissoo, the company established for Jisoo's solo business, has the meaning of combining the word Bliss - meaning happiness plus the female artist's charm. It was like a precious gift marking the beginning of this new business.

Jisoo revealed her ambitious nature, wanting to take over Korea, fans expressed their horrified attitude - Photo 3

Recently, in the film industry, the female idol has two movies scheduled to air in the near future: "Influenza" and "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint".

With the blockbuster Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, Jisoo had the opportunity to act with a series of famous stars such as Nana, Lee Min Ho, Ahn Hyo Seop...

In addition to movies, fashion is also Jisoo's strong point. As a dual global ambassador, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has helped Dior continuously increase sales in Korea over the past 3 years.

According to the female idol's revelation, in addition to fashion and filming, Jisoo is also preparing a new music product. This will be a project marking his return after more than a year of launching his solo product.

Jisoo revealed her ambitious nature, wanting to take over Korea, fans expressed their horrified attitude - Photo 4

Previously, Jisoo's (BLACKPINK) solo debut in March 2023 emerged as one of the most successful solo debuts of a Kpop artist, as she continuously broke new records and expanded His existing records on major music platforms.

Recently, Jisoo's song "Flower" reached 404 million streams on Spotify - the world's largest music platform (as of March 27).

"Flower" became the most streamed solo song this decade by a Korean female solo artist on Spotify, surpassing Rosé's "On the Ground" released in 2021, currently reaching 403 million streams.

Jisoo revealed her ambitious nature, wanting to take over Korea, fans expressed their horrified attitude - Photo 5

With these numbers, Jisoo's "Flower" is currently ranked as the 2nd most streamed solo song by a Korean female solo artist on Spotify, only behind Jennie's "Solo" (released in 2019). ), currently has 596 million streams. Counting all Kpop female solo artists (all nationalities), Jisoo's "Flower" has the 5th largest stream in history.

Jisoo revealed her ambitious nature, wanting to take over Korea, fans expressed their horrified attitude - Photo 6

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