Jisoo just became "president" and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group

Quỳnh QuỳnhFeb 22, 2024 at 07:00

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The news that Jisoo announced her own company caused a storm on the internet on February 21. Not only happy, fans are also excited by the review that Jisoo is the richest female idol in BLACKPINK as she can work in many different roles.

On February 21, social networks exploded with information that Jisoo of BLACKPINK founded her own company called BLISSOO.

Blissoo's official website has been completed and made public. On the introduction website: "BLISSOO with attractive artist "Jisoo" in a special space like a gift box containing Jisoo's boundless happiness.

Jisoo wants to bring joy and happiness to fans with her diverse image and endless charm. We hope that every moment you spend with Jisoo at BLISSOO will be a special and meaningful experience."

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 1

On the social network Twitter, the keyword " BLISSOO BY JISOO" reached the top of the global trend, showing the public's interest in the actions of the eldest sister of BLACKPINK.

Jisoo is the third member of the BLACKPINK group to establish her own company, after deciding not to renew her personal contract with YG Entertainment. Jennie announced her own company Odd Atelier late last year. While Lisa just announced the birth of LLOUD company in early February.

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 2

According to information from Xports News last month, BLISSOO is a subsidiary of Biomom - a functional food and nutrition company with Jisoo's brother as CEO.

Jisoo is the eldest sister of the BLACKPINK group. She is one of the most beautiful faces in the group. Jisoo's success is not only in music but also fashion and movies. The female idol in 2023 is quite active with her own solo projects.

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 3

Nubia magazine , in its January issue, revealed that Jisoo has emerged as the richest member of BLACKPINK, with an estimated net worth of $29 million. Jisoo's considerable net worth can be attributed to her diverse career - excelling in both acting and singing.

Fans around the world were extremely surprised to learn that Jisoo is the richest member of BLACKPINK. Notably, Jisoo's debut solo EP Me released in 2023 broke records with more than 1 million pre-orders. The popularity of her single Flower has crossed borders, further increasing her income.

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 4

Additionally, Jisoo's appearance in the Korean drama Snowdrop is said to have grossed over 1.28 million USD, further solidifying her success in the acting field.

According to Nubia magazine, the reason Jisoo's income is increasing is because of her adaptability and flexibility when working in music.

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 5

According to Net Worth Club, Jisoo earns 30% of BLACKPINK's total revenue, thereby emphasizing her significant contribution to the group's success. The m.oney Jisoo earns includes song releases and live performances.

In addition, she also has significant income from performances and television appearances. In 2024, Jisoo is increasingly progressing in her career. Accordingly, she is participating in the movie "Influenza" - a work based on the novel by Han Sang Woon.

In addition, Jisoo has confirmed that she will star in the movie "Omnipresent Reader's Viewpoint" alongside famous actors Lee Min Ho and Ahn Hyo Seop.

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 6

In January this year, Jisoo cooperated with the American sportswear brand Alo Yoga, creating great buzz and high revenue for this unit. That also made her earn a huge amount of m.oney.

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 7

Korean media predicts that Rosé will also soon announce her personal brand and 2024 will be the year the entire BLACKPINK group cannot return because each person has their own plan.

An industry official told News1: "It is expected that it will be difficult to see all BLACKPINK members this year. All members have a strong desire to take on new challenges.

However, because the members are all aware of fans' expectations for the complete BLACKPINK group, discussions on this issue (group activities) will take place periodically."

Jisoo just became president and crushed BLACKPINK, becoming the richest woman in the group - Photo 8

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