IU was involved in espionage, management company and law immediately involved in the Kbiz riot

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Recently, Dispatch reported that singer IU took a strong stance against those who spread misinformation.

Specifically, on the 7th, EDAM Entertainment announced the progress of the criminal case, saying, " We have caught another 'spy leaflet' and realized the seriousness of the attitude without reflection."

IU was involved in espionage, management company and law immediately involved in the Kbiz riot - Photo 1

Currently, there are four complaints pending. Last May, a post claiming IU was a spy was published. The agency sued the distributor for defamation by stating false information. The accused has now been identified. However, the accused refused to continue the investigation.

An official said: "The investigator is struggling " and said: "It appears that the paper published on the 2nd was also produced by the same distributor. We are seeking legal remedies."

Second, the artist's complaint. This is content that accuses IU of violating copyright law. It is reported that the 6 songs including the hits 'Pink Shoes', 'Good Day' and 'Pipi' are plagiarized songs. IU explained, "This case does not have any legal basis. We submitted attorneys' comments and offered additional explanations. We are currently awaiting a verdict."

IU was involved in espionage, management company and law immediately involved in the Kbiz riot - Photo 2

Third, the case of the person spreading false rumors. In February, IU sued people who claimed plagiarism. The agency said: "Lawsuits have been brought against a number of defendants. We have confirmed that we are planning to apply for a privacy order."

Finally, it's about malicious comments. They sued 61 people who made derogatory remarks about IU, producing and distributing dark content, for contempt. An additional claims investigation has also been completed. 60 authors of obscene posts were sued for violations of the Physical V.iolence Punishment Act (use of obscene media). 21 authors of the offensive post have been charged with i.nsult.

IU was involved in espionage, management company and law immediately involved in the Kbiz riot - Photo 3

IU said of the situation: "The defendants are scattered inside and outside Korea, and because of their large numbers, it is expected to take some time to reach a final conclusion."

"We will pursue liability to the end to prevent a recurrence. We are also preparing additional lawsuits to protect the rights of artists."

Earlier, at the end of 2022, IU and Lee Jong Suk shocked the Korean entertainment world when they jointly confirmed dating, after Dispatch reported.

The beautiful love story of the popular couple received the applause and support of the public., Lee Jong Suk and IU sent a letter to the audience just 1 day after going public about their relationship.

Lee Jong Suk had sweet words for IU, "I met her for the first time in my mid-20s and it felt like a fledgling love, something big that I couldn't achieve.

We've been friends for a long time... Somehow, she remained in my mind even as I was living my own life. I think you'll understand if I say she's like my Kang Dan-i (the female lead in Romance is a Bonus Book in which Lee Jong Suk plays the male lead).

She shares my concerns in life, and I can rely on her as a friend. She is sometimes like my older sister even though she is younger.

She's a wonderful, mature person but also makes me want to protect. And now she makes me want to be a better person."

IU was involved in espionage, management company and law immediately involved in the Kbiz riot - Photo 4

The actor shared that he should have introduced IU more closely, but he was worried that the audience would be too surprised.

"I hope people can support us and see us with warm hearts," Lee Jong Suk said.

As for IU, in her New Year's greeting letter to fans, the singer also officially mentioned her "romantic relationship" with Lee Jong Suk.

IU said she was cautious because she knew the audience would be surprised by the news. "I'm developing feelings for someone who is my longtime colleague, and we rely on each other," the singer affirmed her feelings for Lee Jong Suk.

IU also complimented her boyfriend, "He is the one who always supports me and tells me that I am the best. He was also very lovely and someone I could trust, and he always sent me words of encouragement."

IU was involved in espionage, management company and law immediately involved in the Kbiz riot - Photo 5

IU was involved in espionage, management company and law immediately involved in the Kbiz riot - Photo 6

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