Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans

An NhiAug 03, 2022 at 08:28

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The latest images of actress Park Min Young make many people both surprised and disappointed because of her lifeless appearance and figure.

Recently, Park Min Young's new promotional images for a brand were announced. According to observations, this actress born in 1986 wears a body-hugging outfit. She tied her hair up to r.eveal a significantly thinner face.

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 1

It can be seen that Park Min Young has lost a lot of weight compared to before. Her 3rd round was also thin, the raised bone made her lose points in front of the camera lens.

Compared to the photo 2 years ago, people feel really surprised at the decline in beauty of Park Min Young. Back in 2020, Min Young looks plump and full of energy. Her curves are truly the dream of many people. However, Min Young's current b.ody lacks vitality.

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 2

Fans hope that Park Min young will pay attention to health issues during the filming for the new movie. It is known that she is focusing on the project "Mon-Wed-Fri-Tues-Thurs-Sat". In the above work, she transforms into a character who specializes in playing the girlfriend and wife of male customers at parties or on festive occasions. This character works hard and wholeheartedly, she only spends Sundays for herself.

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 3

This is Park Min Young's next film project after "Forecasting love and weather". Since the success of "What's wrong with Secretary Kim?", Min Young has not had a better work. She was judged as lacking courage because she did not dare to try difficult roles.

In addition to her career, the actress's private life was also noticed. Accordingly, for many years, Park Min Young has been constantly entangled in dating rumors with Park Seo Joon.

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 4

In an interview in March 2022, Park Min Young denied having a relationship above the level of a colleague with Park Seo Joon. The female star said that although the audience's affection for the two characters in the film is great, between her and Park Seo Joon are just close colleagues. Therefore, Park Min Young hopes that fans will not spread false rumors, affecting the image of the two actors.

The female artist born in 1986 said, "I used to have secret love affairs, but not with Park Seo Joon. Me and him have never dated abroad. If me and my co-star were a secret couple. , why do I post photos on social networks. We just need to be together silently, without leaving any traces for people to trace."

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 5

Park Min Young said she was disappointed and angry at being labeled as dating Park Seo Joon just by comparing the similarities in tourist destinations, or fashion accessories through posts on her personal page. core.

Park Min Young said, "The evidence is very f.orced, but people try to believe it. I also didn't intentionally combine things like shoes, hats or clothes with Park Seo Joon. There's no such thing as such a thing. I'm tired of constantly having to make excuses for unreal love stories."

She shared the overseas trips that were rumored to be secretly dating with her co-star in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, actually with her mother. The actress's mother even wanted to make her passport public to prove the truth about her daughter's travels.

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 6

Besides, the actress surnamed Park also felt stressed because the above dating suspicion had an influence, and overshadowed the efforts of the actors and production staff in the movie What's Wrong With Secretary Kim.

At the end of the conversation, Park Min Young once again denied the news that she and Park Seo Joon were dating. The actress confirmed that she has not been in a relationship with anyone, and does not think about getting married.

Park Min Young was born in 1986, known through the hit series Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, Healer... She was named the most successful "beauty cutlery" in the entertainment industry.

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 7

During more than 10 years of artistic activities, Park Min Young also achieved many remarkable achievements such as the Best Actress a.ward in the drama category with the work Sungkyunkwan Love Story at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards and the a.ward. awarded the same name with the work Queen For Seven Days at the Asia Artist Awards. Park Min Young also received a Fashion Artist a.ward at an awards ceremony in China.

During the period of co-starring with actor Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, Park Min Young admitted to dating with his male colleague. However, just a few months later, the two broke up, causing fans to regret.

Park Min Young's color is down, new photos startle fans - Photo 8

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