Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page

An NhiAug 03, 2022 at 08:27

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Since publicly becoming pregnant with her first c.hild, Son Ye Jin's every move has always been in the sights of netizens. Accordingly, his wife Hyun Bin is suspected of being pregnant with twins because of a hidden move.

Recently, on her personal Instagram page, Son Ye Jin attracted attention when she posted a photo of her holding a four-leaf clover and a rainbow. "Good luck to you all," she wrote.

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 1

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 2

Right after Son Ye Jin's post, many people congratulated the actress on being pregnant with her first c.hild with Hyun Bin. However, some fans of Son Ye Jin, after seeing the picture of her holding a four-leaf clover in her hand and a rainbow, immediately raised the question of whether the actress implied that she was pregnant. double?

Some netizens even left comments: "It is estimated that the goddess is announcing pregnancy-related things. Is she pregnant with two children?", "The four-leaf clover represents a family. If it's true that you're pregnant with twins, that's great"...

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 3

However, some comments said that Son Ye Jin shared the good news when it coincided with the launch event of her husband's new drama "Confidential Assignment 2: International". Perhaps the actress shared to encourage Hyun Bin, wishing her husband luck.

Son Ye Jin got into a flower car with Hyun Bin in early March of this year. After the wedding, the two enjoyed their honeymoon in the US. Since then, Ye Jin has been involved in pregnancy rumors. However, her management company denied it. It was not until the end of June that Son Ye Jin directly confirmed that she and Hyun Bin were about to become parents.

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 4

Specifically, on June 27, the female star announced that she was pregnant with her first c.hild with Hyun Bin. Son Ye Jin revealed that she was only able to officially share it with her family and fans until now. Although she did not r.eveal the details of her pregnancy, Son Ye Jin still made the public extremely excited when she revealed the stable health status of the mother and c.hild.

Since confirming her first pregnancy until now, Son Ye Jin has spent most of her time at home cooking and taking care of her health. She has yet to attend any events or appear publicly in public. However, every move of the actress "Crash Landing on You" on social networks is of particular interest to netizens.

Son Ye Jin affirmed her position in the hearts of the public when her advertisements for brands were launched and received extremely positive feedback. Ye Jin's beauty and charisma really make others admire.

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 5

Despite the pregnancy, Son Ye Jin still pocketed a huge income from the contracts she signed earlier. It is known that on August 18, Hyun Bin's wife will participate in an online exchange event with fans. In addition, she was recently nominated in the "Outstanding Performance of Korean Drama of the Year" category at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2022.

Obviously, Son Ye Jin's heat shows no sign of abating. It is also for this reason that Song Hye Kyo has to face difficulties to surpass Son Ye Jin.

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 6

Son Ye Jin is one of the beauty walls of the Korean entertainment industry. Successful in both television and film, Son Ye Jin has a not-so-medium salary. In 2010, Son Ye Jin's salary in each episode was about 20 - 30 million Won (about 386 - 579 million VND). In 2013, this number increased to 30,000 USD (nearly 698 million VND). Currently, there are sources that the actress's salary is up to 130 million won/episode (about 2.6 billion VND).

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 7

For movies, each work Son Ye Jin also pocketed a small amount of remuneration. Since 2012, there has been a source of information revealing that Son Ye Jin's salary when she participated in the movie "Tower" was 430 million Won (about 8.3 billion VND). According to unofficial statistics, the beauty "Crash Landing on You" received about 400 - 600 million Won (7.7 - 11.5 billion VND) for a movie.

Besides, Son Ye Jin is also the face chosen by many advertising companies to send gold. In 2015 alone, each advertising contract of the actress was worth 500 - 600 million Won (about 9.6 - 11.5 billion VND).

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 8

Although she rarely shows off, everyone knows that Son Ye Jin has a very comfortable and abundant life. The beautiful actress is not afraid to spend a lot of m.oney on costumes and accessories from famous brands. She once attracted attention when wearing earrings costing 59,800 USD (equivalent to 1.39 billion VND). Son Ye Jin is also a star who often participates in charity activities.

Son Ye Jin is suspected of being pregnant with twins when sharing this on her personal page - Photo 9

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