Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason

An NhiJul 29, 2022 at 08:55

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Son Ye Jin and Song Hye Kyo are both top beauties in the entertainment industry. However, Hyun Bin's wife is less antifan than her colleague. Accordingly, the cause is said to be the skillful behavior of the actress surnamed Son.

Son Ye Jin is one of the Hallyu stars who owns a strong fan base and receives a lot of love from fans. Whether on Instagram or during press conferences, Son Ye Jin always tries to show her gratitude to her fans in the most sincere ways.

Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason - Photo 1

Compared to the beauties of the same time and the same popularity, Son Ye Jin is considered the star with the least antifan. According to analysis from experts, one of the reasons why antifans or people do not have a "sympathy" for a certain artist often comes from the fact that they receive information in the form of false rumors. b.ody and thereby easily cause feelings of hate.

Therefore, the public always sends praise to Son Ye Jin when she always knows how to speak up at the right times to avoid groundless rumors. Avoiding being entangled in rumors has helped Son Ye Jin have fewer antifans than many beauties of the same age.

Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason - Photo 2

According to everyone, the first reason why Son Ye Jin is loved is that she always gives the best of our roles. An equally important reason is that she always shares the important milestones of her life with her millions of followers on her personal page.

A few days before Valentine's Day, Son Ye Jin decided to share her wedding plans on her personal page instead of her management company. In her emotional message, Son Ye Jin never forgot to thank her fans for supporting her and Hyun Bin.

"I am always infinitely grateful to my fans, who always cheer me on and give me unconditional love," Son Ye Jin shared. Concluding her post, Son Ye Jin once again thanked, "I want to share my love and gratitude with you all."

Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason - Photo 3

During the press conference for the movie "Thirty-Nine", Son Ye Jin expressed her deep gratitude to the fans who congratulated the wedding. That time was also Son Ye Jin's first public activity after she announced the wedding.

At that time, Son Ye Jin shared, "I have received a lot of congratulations from everyone, so I want to take this opportunity to thank you all."

Three months after the "wedding of the century", Son Ye Jin once again updated fans with unexpected news.

On her instagram, the actress shared: "Today I will cautiously share good news to everyone. It is a new life that has come to us and our husband. I am still quite confused, but I living every day because of the b.ody changes between anxiety and excitement... We will protect this precious new being with us."

Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason - Photo 4

In her sharing, Son Ye Jin did not forget to send greetings to everyone's health.

Not someone who likes to share too much about her private life, but Son Ye Jin always knows how to bring her fans closeness with the simplest things.

She often shares pictures of meals she prepares herself as an act of wanting to send fans about her very good life. This proves Son Ye Jin's ingenuity in her relationship with fans.

Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason - Photo 5

At the age of 41, Son Ye Jin is the leading Korean entertainment star with a respectable film career and a happy marriage with famous actor Hyun Bin. The public admires the full life of the actress and calls her "The lucky woman who has everything in her hands".

According to Korean media, Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin is currently one of the most powerful couples in Korean showbiz. They have a "huge" fortune because they are all A-listers with massive careers.

Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason - Photo 6

The couple has a lot of valuable real estate in their hands. At the wedding, the star couple once shocked when giving each guest a gift set worth about 1 million won. Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin is currently living in a $4.3 million penthouse, located in Achiul (Guri, Gyeonggi Province), east of Seoul, where is said to be the living area of many A-listers.

After the wedding, they honeymooned in the US for more than 2 weeks. During the trip, many fans spotted the couple in locations. Hyun Bin has always shown himself to be a gallant, loving and protective man.

Currently, the couple continues to become the focus of attention when Son Ye Jin is pregnant and is about to welcome her first c.hild.

Son Ye Jin is as popular as Song Hye Kyo but less antifan for this reason - Photo 7

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