Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano

Minh LợiFeb 24, 2024 at 15:20

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In recent days, the movie "Peach, Pho and Piano" has become a stormy topic on social networks. The film portrays a heroic and tragic Hanoi from nearly 80 years ago, bravely fighting against the invaders with the whole country.

More notably, this is the first time a film ordered by the State to produce, even without PR or widely distributed, was sought out and voluntarily promoted by young audiences.

Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano - Photo 1

This must include the review articles of some young people who love history, know about the movie and have shared and spread it on social networks. Among them, TikToker Giao Cun is said by the online community to be the first young person to mention the movie "Peach, Pho and Piano" online and is also the one who inspired many people to know and buy movie tickets.

Accordingly, from March 15, 2023, Giao Cun posted a video about the movie "Peach, Pho and Piano". At that time, it was not yet known whether the film would be released in theaters or not, but only a few behind-the-scenes information and images about the film's setting appeared. However, Giao Cun posted a clip about the movie and made a prediction: "Peach, pho and piano is expected to become the biggest blockbuster in Vietnam and the most 'epic' movie in history in history." recent years".

Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano - Photo 2

By the time the movie came out and had been in theaters for nearly a week, Giao Cun continued to post another video and expressed: "Is anyone watching this video and looking forward to going to the theater to see peaches, pho and piano? But is there anyone? Maybe you don't know, the movie has been showing for 6 days. No one told you this. For many reasons, the movie was ordered by the State and was only shown at the National Film Center theater. Reasons There are few screenings because no one watches it, the reason no one watches it is because no one knows the movie is out in theaters to go see it."

It was also thanks to this clip of Giao Cun that many young people who love history knew the movie was out in theaters, and from there went to see it and created the current fever. However, the clip above has now been hidden by Giao Cun on his personal page.

Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano - Photo 3

However, with his contributions to helping the movie go viral, Giao Cun has now become a name that many people are searching for. On the Government Information fanpage, in a post about "Peach, pho and piano", a photo of Giao Cun was posted below in the comments section with words of praise and encouragement: "Applause for this young man. Your work is Young people increasing the dissemination of information about Peaches, Pho and Piano is a good sign!".

Not only that, during the recent cinetour, the male lead in the film - actor Doan Quoc Dam also personally thanked Giao Cun for helping spread the film as well as the love of history to more people.

TikToker Giao Cun's real name is Quynh Giao, she has 305.8k followers with many clips on historical topics. It is known that Quynh Giao had good grades as a student majoring in History and had participated in many history projects. The content that Quynh Giao makes on TikTok is also mainly about introducing good historical books and movies, telling about knowledge beyond the common textbooks that she can learn for herself.

Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano - Photo 4

In particular, with an open approach, a modern voice, true to Gen Z, Quynh Giao's videos are loved by many young people. Some of her videos have nearly 10M views and a lot of comments. Many people believe that Quynh Giao is the source of inspiration that brings more curiosity and love for the subject of history.

Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano - Photo 5

Some comments from the online community:

- "It is truly Giao Cun's greatest achievement, thanks to you, everyone knows the movie is showing and knows that it is good."

- "She has become a 'prophet', predicting that the movie will be a blockbuster and now it is."

- "I also know the movie thanks to this friend. I really like the videos about the history of Giao Cun."

Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano - Photo 6

- "Actually, I didn't know the movie was out in theaters. Thanks to watching Giao Cun, I booked a ticket to see it. At that time, the theater was still very empty, not as h.ot as it is now."

- "Giao's most recent video when no one knew about the movie. Just posted but over 80k hearts, it seems he hid that video. Thanks to that video, I knew about the movie."

Giao Cun: Tiktoker is praised by Government Information for Peaches, Pho and Piano - Photo 7

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