Hotgirl Khmer goes for a walk and the fairy tale ending with a handsome man in Hanoi

Hậu HậuSep 25, 2021 at 16:58

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Recently, a love story like a fairy tale of a Khmer g.irl and a Hanoi b.oy shared on social networks has received much attention and attention. The main characters are Ms. Son Thi Thu Ha (born in 2000, Tra Vinh) and Pham Trung Anh (born in 1991, Hanoi). Although they are more than 2,000km apart, but thanks to social networks, Thu Ha and Trung Anh got to know each other.

Hotgirl Khmer goes for a walk and the fairy tale ending with a handsome man in Hanoi - Photo 1

After making friends on Facebook, every time Thu Ha surfs the newsfeed, she sees a photo of Trung Anh, she is impressed with his handsome, white appearance. One day, Trung Anh posted a photo with the status line: "Waiting for you since morning, but I have not seen you". Thu Ha saw the funny photo and caption, so she commented on the walk "listening", she wrote: "Can you wait for me for the rest of my life?". Thought it was just a random statement, but after that, Trung Anh took the initiative to text and chat, expressing that he was a big fan of Thu Ha's beauty, but for so long, he only dared to quietly go to her personal page. just see pictures.

Thu Ha said: "He commented that I looked like a hybrid, my beauty was very special, so I was impressed. But because of the remote geographical distance, he didn't know what to do, he could only look at the photos. Every day since then, we texted and talked more. At first, I thought we wouldn't get anywhere because we were too far away. But when we talked, I felt that he was an extremely romantic person, psychologically and pampered me like a c.hild. After about 3 weeks, I accepted the love." After loving each other for 1 month, the couple's feelings progressed a step further when Trung Anh went to Tra Vinh to meet Thu Ha. The Hanoi b.oy was introduced to his friends by a Khmer h.ot g.irl, and at the same time made his love story public on social networks.

Although her boyfriend was far away, Thu Ha received the support of her parents. 3 months later, Trung Anh continued to go to Tra Vinh once, right on the occasion of the Khmer New Year to introduce "future parents-in-law". There is one more thing about Trung Anh that Thu Ha loves that is punctuality. Never once did he miss an appointment or make her wait even for a minute. Thanks to his good appearance, skillful and honest communication, Trung Anh easily scored points with the g.irl's family. During the Lunar New Year 2020, Trung Anh went to celebrate Tet with Thu Ha's family. After a month, a Hanoi guy brought his mother in to ask for a h.ot Khmer g.irl's wedding. Due to the epidemic, it was not until February that Trung Anh and Thu Ha held their wedding.

Hotgirl Khmer goes for a walk and the fairy tale ending with a handsome man in Hanoi - Photo 2

Hotgirl was born in 2000 and moved to Hanoi with her husband. At a young age, with different regions and cultures, Thu Ha is not too worried when living with her mother-in-law. Because she is lucky to have a gentle, psychological and comfortable mother-in-law. Thu Ha doesn't have to cook for her husband's family because her mother-in-law loves to cook, the children want to eat anything, she will cook for her. After getting married, Thu Ha also felt that her husband loved and cared for her more and more. Thu Ha feels lucky, content, happy with what she has. She shared: "Where I like to go, whatever I do, he takes me. My husband lives a healthy life, doesn't drink alcohol. Knowing that I like clothes, shoes, my husband often buys them as gifts.In economic terms, my husband and I go to work, save to build a life, my husband gives me my salary to keep.Due to the epidemic. so my wife and I are also newly married in Tra Vinh, if the epidemic gets better in the future, we will hold it in Hanoi. We plan to spend about 1-2 years to enjoy life before having children."

In addition to the Khmer h.ot g.irl, netizens are also interested in the journey to the billion-dollar wedding of Mango Non. Besides the love story of a h.ot g.irl Khmer and a handsome Hanoi b.oy, netizens are also spreading the journey from love to marriage of h.ot g.irl Mango Non. Possessing a beautiful and flawless appearance, a Western-faced face, especially when she became the wife of Xemesis, one of the richest streamers in Vietnam, her every move on MXH was noticed.

Non mango chooses a separate path different from friends of the same age. Accordingly, she paused her studies to focus on working and developing her career. This story has caused many detractors, saying that the beautiful 2002 is just a "mobile vase" or lucky to get a rich husband. Ignoring negative words, when receiving a question on Instagram about what is the first job to m.ake m.oney, h.ot g.irl Mango Non answered frankly, surprising netizens, she confided: "In the old days In 7th grade, 8th grade, I started selling lipstick to m.ake m.oney. Later on, I did a lot of other miscellaneous jobs but the m.oney wasn't all that much, if the amount is higher, it must be when I go to shoot. "

Hotgirl Khmer goes for a walk and the fairy tale ending with a handsome man in Hanoi - Photo 3

After selling lipstick, streamer's wife Xemesis began to step into the artistic path. She diligently participated in many music videos, sitcoms, especially the MV Find you in a dream by male singer Chi Dan. Although very young, the beauty has a lot of experience in acting. Not only participating in acting, Mango Non is also famous in the lookbook model village in Saigon. Through the pictures posted on her personal page, her wife Xemesis received a lot of attention from the online community, and is considered to have a beautiful beauty like a Western g.irl and an impressive fashion sense. Mango Non has just turned 18 years old and got on a cotton car with the richest streamer in Vietnam, Xemesis.

According to the owner, Mango Non and Xemesis got to know each other while participating in a game event, then Thuy Trang actively made friends on Facebook with her husband. Young Mango and Xemesis ended their fairy tale love with a wedding that is rated as the most magnificent in showbiz. Currently, the married life of Mango Non and her husband is very happy. She often shares on her personal page pictures of her husband's family being very happy, sometimes mixing moments with close friends Linh Ngoc Dam and her brother-in-law Diep Lam Anh. However, his wife, Xemesis, has also encountered many controversies on social networks. Most recently, Mango Non was suspected of appearing in a private set of photos with Vietnamese hotgirls, although she had previously stated that it was all just a collage. In addition, Non mango also received many "bricks and stones" in his speech about m.oney and education.

Hotgirl Khmer goes for a walk and the fairy tale ending with a handsome man in Hanoi - Photo 4

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