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Phuong Anh's businessman husband revealed the "wedding gift" prepared for the bride, fans gasped because they were too willing to play.

Gia Linh09:36:53 18/09/2023
Recently, the fairytale wedding of runner-up Phuong Anh and businessman Dac Duc just took place. It is known that the groom personally gave his bride a luxurious wedding gift, making the online community gasp.

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One more couple following Puka's happy news - Gin Tuan Kiet revealed an equally h.ot identity "love" photo

Nhật Hân15:29:56 08/09/2023
In addition, the whole Vbiz together waited until the end of the year to witness the fairytale wedding of Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet. Another couple has also just released a hint that made netizens stand still.

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Hotgirl Khmer goes for a walk and the fairy tale ending with a handsome man in Hanoi

Hậu Hậu16:58:23 25/09/2021
Recently, a love story like a fairy tale of a Khmer g.irl and a Hanoi b.oy shared on social networks has received much attention and attention. The main characters are Ms. Son Thi Thu Ha (born in 2000, Tra Vinh) and Pham Trung Anh (born in 1991, Hanoi). Although they are more than...

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