Hotboy Dak Lak spent a lot of m.oney to "swing" BlackPink in Singapore but received a bitter ending

XukaMay 25, 2023 at 17:27

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Recently, the social network suddenly stirred with the story of spending 14 million VND to Singapore to "swing" BlackPink, the Dak Lak b.oy was unfortunately taken to the emergency room.

According to research, the guy mentioned is Tran Hong Phu (born in 2000, from Dak Lak). He and his friend Duy went to the lion island country in the hope of fully enjoying 2 nights of the famous Korean group - BlackPink.

It is known that, excluding travel and accommodation costs, Phu's ticket alone costs 800 SGD (about 14 million VND).

Hong Phu shared with Dan Tri : "Because I didn't know what the queuing process was, I arrived quite early (at 14:00) to queue. When I arrived, I saw that the line to enter the security check outside was very long. Waited 45-60 minutes outside to finish this stitch, then I went to the gate to line up to enter the yard.

Hotboy Dak Lak spent a lot of m.oney to "swing" BlackPink in Singapore but received a bitter ending - Photo 1

Everyone has to queue according to the queue number (on the ticket). Smaller numbers are stacked up and into the front yard. At this point, I realized that the yard in Singapore is arranged in this way, not first-come, first-served. Queuing into the yard also takes about an hour."

After many hours and tight queues, Hong Phu began to feel signs of instability in his b.ody. He had a slight loss of strength, and was a bit sluggish. At that time, he just thought it was because he waited in the sun for a long time and drank less water to limit going to the toilet.

To quench his thirst, he took a sip of carbonated water. Then, his stomach started to hurt a little, and nausea came.

When everyone was moving into the yard, the Vietnamese guy vomited but did not come out. Through the ticket gate, he quickly went to the restroom to solve it.

Hotboy Dak Lak spent a lot of m.oney to "swing" BlackPink in Singapore but received a bitter ending - Photo 2

Because of buying VIP tickets, Phu was allowed to see the soundcheck (sound test) of the BlackPink group. While waiting for the idols to sing, he started having stomach ache again.

Thanks to his companion to hold the place, he went to the bathroom again to vomit. At this time, the group members appeared and performed nearly 2 songs. Meanwhile, they only tested the sound of 3 songs.

At the end of the soundcheck, people began to flood the field. Because he was too exhausted, Phu decided to step back to rest and breathe.

The young man said: "When I saw people like in the clouds, I decided to go to the medical area. After taking 2 steps, I couldn't even lift my legs anymore. Luckily, there was a security guard walking beside me. Seeing that the situation was not good, he asked if he needed medical care and I nodded.

The medical team immediately came to my place to check my health. I have high b.lood pressure. Low b.lood sugar, only about 2.0 (normal people should be in the range of 3.0-4.0). Feeling that my health was not good, I decided not to stay and watch the show anymore, but went to the emergency room."

Accordingly, around 5 pm, Hong Phu sat in a wheelchair and was pushed into an ambulance by the security guard. After completing the hospitalization records, he no longer remembers everything that happened. A friend with the same name Duy also left the show to follow Phu to the hospital. When he opened his eyes, Phu saw that it was already dark and his b.ody was covered with strings.

Hotboy Dak Lak spent a lot of m.oney to "swing" BlackPink in Singapore but received a bitter ending - Photo 3

Hong Phu said he had food p.oisoning. Unfortunately for Phu, he also had low b.lood sugar at the time of p.oisoning, waiting in the sun for a long time, so his b.ody lost strength.

The total cost for the 23-year-old b.oy's emergency hospital stay was 150 SGD (about 2.5 million VND). Ambulance is free. His hospital bills and medicines have been discounted.

"I'm sorry that the unfortunate thing happened. The price for concert tickets is not cheap. It's also very difficult to buy VIP tickets. I had to hunt and buy them myself right from the official opening. But fortunately because I plan to go. concert for two days. The next day, I no longer had any health problems," Phu expressed.

In fact, not only Hong Phu, many young Vietnamese people are also in the situation of "bad crying and laughing". Because they want to meet their idols too much, they are willing to accept being in the "pool of suffering".

Khanh Linh (22 years old, Hanoi) and 2 friends also went to see a show in the lion island nation. From 5pm to 10pm, they don't eat, only drink water. However, Linh shared with Dan Tri , she felt there was no problem because she ordered seats in the stands to watch.

Worse, Phuong Ly (25 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) bought a standing ticket, so she decided not to move to keep a nice seat. She didn't even dare to drink water or go to the toilet for fear of others competing for her place. After the idol "swing" session, Ly's throat was dry and her stomach was rumbling. Because she ate too much to recharge, she had trouble sleeping.

"VIP ticket 10 million dong, plane 5 million dong, hotel 6 million dong, eating and drinking 9 million dong, sunbathing from 14:00, running on fences, daring not to eat, ... but in the end, I stood in place all the time. tall people" is shared by TikToker Be Duy through a short video.

Hotboy Dak Lak spent a lot of m.oney to "swing" BlackPink in Singapore but received a bitter ending - Photo 4

Hotboy Dak Lak spent a lot of m.oney to "swing" BlackPink in Singapore but received a bitter ending - Photo 5

Hotboy Dak Lak spent a lot of m.oney to "swing" BlackPink in Singapore but received a bitter ending - Photo 6

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