Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan

Mộc TràApr 14, 2023 at 08:25

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In recent days, rumors have spread on social media that Rosé (BLACKPINK) is using banned substances.

The question stems from the photo of the female idol attending a party at designer Eva Chow's villa. In this photo, there is an object suspected of using a banned substance on the table.

Rosé is one of the most popular female idols in K-Pop today and is not only famous in Korea, but the name of the BLACKPINK member is also known around the world. Every move of Rosé, even the smallest, therefore easily becomes the focus of attention of Korean and international netizens.

Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan - Photo 1

Recently, Rosé caught the attention of having dinner with actor Kang Dong Won and many famous figures in the fashion industry. The photo of Rosé sitting next to the actor quickly went viral on social media. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if this photo didn't spark rumors that Rosé and Kang Dong Won were using banned substances.

Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan - Photo 2

Specifically, in the photo of Rosé at designer Eva Chow's villa posted by former Burberry creative director Riccardo Tisci, some netizens believe that there is the presence of banned substances. in the photo.

Rosé is a famous name at the moment, and at the same time, almost said no to scandals since debut until now. Therefore, this shocking rumor immediately caused a stir in the entertainment industry. However, recently, YG Entertainment - Rosé's management company quickly denied, asserting that it was a baseless rumor. YG also said that it will take legal action against false information and malicious comments aimed at "pet chicken" Rosé.

Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan - Photo 3

"The rumors related to Rosé that are circulating online are completely untrue. We will take strong legal action against human rights violations and damage to our artist's honor. We are currently monitoring those who created and spread rumors. In the future we will respond strongly with no tolerance." - YG made an announcement.

Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan - Photo 4

Rosé's real name is Park Chae-young, known as the main vocal of the popular group BLACKPINK. Rosé is not only successful in music, is the current top female idol in K-Pop, but also has a great influence in the fashion industry. The beauty is currently the ambassador of the luxury brand Saint Laurent.

During this sensitive time, Blackpink is continuing their successful world tour and recently held a concert at Tokyo Dome.

Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan - Photo 5

This concert is planned to be more than twice the size of their previous "In Your Area" world tour in 2019. The show has received a lot of support and attention. from the media.

International media reported that their show sold out at an unprecedented rate, including seats with limited audience openings the day before the concert.

Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan - Photo 6

A total of 110,000 fans filled the venue during the two-day event, demonstrating Blackpink's charisma.

Accordingly, they responded to fans' expectations with passionate and energetic openings like "How You Like That", "Pretty Savage," "Whistle," "Kill This Love," " DDU-DU DDU-DU," "Lovesick Girls," and their most recent hit "Shut Down," the title track from their second album "Born Pink," topped the US Billboard Albums Chart and Official UK rankings.

Not only as a group, but also with individual charms, each member's solo performances have heated up this venue. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa overwhelmed the vast Tokyo Dome with their unique aura and musical color.

One of the most iconic moments was seeing Jisoo perform live for the first time as the title track "Flower" from her solo album "Me".

The members continued to perform tirelessly. The diverse visual elements showcasing the band's rich sound and YG Entertainment's stage also captivated fans' hearts.

Rosé was bleached for using banned substances but no one believed, BLACKPINK acted abnormally in Japan - Photo 7

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