H.OT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13

Nam PhươngJul 06, 2022 at 15:57

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On his personal page, the former manager accused actor Thanh Tung (Tung Min) of physical impact, along with a series of financial problems. This is the first time he's been caught up in such tension.

Thanh Tung (Tung Min) once left a mark when taking on the role of "rock rock" Duong in the TV series Leap Xi Tin. Possessing a handsome face and skillful dancing skills, at that time Thanh Tung cut down many women. Although he graduated from the University of Theater and Film, his acting career was quite meager. Participating in the Vietnamese version of Glee still did not help Tung Min overcome the previous shadow. Currently, he is encroaching on the singing field at the game show Troi Sinh Mot Pair.

HOT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13 - Photo 1

Recently, many people couldn't help but be excited by the extremely stressful post from the former manager Tung Min. Specifically, Mr. HAT said that he took on the role of talent manager as well as development orientation for the actor and his wife Pong Chuan (Stylist) 4 months ago. During the working time, he is ready to advance 200 million and lend Tung Min an iphone 13 promax to conveniently record Tiktok clips. However, for unknown reasons, Tung Min constantly called and used an attitude to attack the manager. Finally, his husband Pong Chuan unilaterally terminated the contract without any prior notice. Although Mr. HAT was quite shocked, he still wanted to end the case peacefully. On his personal page, he angrily recounted the moment when Tung Min used v.iolence in the apartment lobby, did not pay the full amount and the previous iPhone 13 was also swapped. At the end of the f.ight, the HAT manager immediately went to the relevant authorities to present and conduct a health assessment.

Nguyen shared by manager Tung Min:

I planned the orientation for the two of you, I took care of every step for Tung Min in the process of participating in the program Troi Sinh One Pair, I knew that Pong Chuan and Tung Min were inherently limited in economic terms, so I was ready to apply. approximately 200 million in 4 months of accompanying 2 friends. I even saw that Tung Min was using an old Iphone, so I took the initiative to tell you that I would lend you my white Iphone 13 promax so you could shoot TikTok and social videos for a little quality. .

HOT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13 - Photo 2

The most important thing is that until I write this status, I have never received a single penny called salary, salary, or m.oney at all because above all, I honestly see that you two are capable people and I want to help you two have a better life.

- After 4 months, actor Tung Min started having harsh and conflicting conversations with him because he said he was... going to talk bad about and bring down Tung Min. I just want to ask everyone if there is anyone who is doing qly for talent but chooses to go down the road to talk bad or put something about talent? As for this, I don't understand who Tung Min heard from and what kind of story, so I just told Pong Chuan and Tung Min that no one is doing qly but is so passionate that they d.rown their talent.

- One day, even though I did not receive any notice from Pong Chuan or Tung Min, Tung Min posted on FB to announce that he had stopped working with me. I don't understand what has happened and is happening but because I am your brother, older than you, I also take it as an announcement and I respect that decision of the two of you.

HOT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13 - Photo 3

- After the announcement of the termination of the management role - Tung Min's talent on his FB, I also respect and told both husband and wife that it is so, so that it is clear and no more problems, you two should see and send it back. I have my phone, miscellaneous items and m.oney that I have advanced before. Up to this point, you two have not sent me enough but I understand because you and your wife are not rich, so I it's ok that you two will send it back later.

- As for the phone, I tried to contact Pong Chuan to get it back for many days, but yesterday morning when my email reported that my Icloud was reset, I was confused and I pushed again. urged to ask for the phone that I lent to Tung Min but Tung Min said it was the phone Tung Min was using for... Tung Min's fb security, so when it was done, Tung Min gave it back last night when I Next texting with Tung Min, Tung Min told him to go to Tung Min's house, then come and get it. Ok, to finish the work, I still go.

- When I arrived, Tung Min and a young friend went down to the lobby to give me the phone and go for a circuit, then I went to my brother's house to charge it to sign in and use it. When I looked at the phone again, I said why is it a gold one because the phone I gave Tung Min is white. I told Tung Min that the phone he gave me was white and the one I just gave him was gold. Then Tung Min said in the phone "do you like white? you go down to Ministop, I'm sitting under Ministop, I'll give it to you". (Ministop is right next to the main lobby of S5 - where Tung Min's family lives and also where the incident happened).

When I went down to Ministop, Tung Min and a young man were drinking beer together. At this time, Tung Min started to have a hostile attitude towards me, but I just talked calmly because I didn't think it was such a mess in a public place.

HOT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13 - Photo 4

- After saying a few sentences, Tung Min said "If you can prove it's white, I'll give you 2, and if not, you'll die m* you and me". After finishing the sentence, Tung Min suddenly approached me and the first action I clearly remember was Tung Min smacking my head, my hat falling to the ground. After that, I had a bad feeling so I wanted to move to the lobby for security, but Tung Min continued to beat me and strangle me. Tung Min's friend always said "stop" in his mouth, but this friend's hand was on the nape of my neck, making me dizzy. I took 2 more steps when I was immediately hit by Tung Min and I fell to the ground. Tung Min continued to attack me and even though I tried to run away, he still grabbed my shirt and beat me repeatedly and until the security guard in lobby S5 said into the walkie-talkie asking for more security to help, I had to let go of my shirt. to run away.

HOT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13 - Photo 5

- I chose to follow the legal order: I went to An Phu ward to report, make a report of the incident and the brothers told me to go to the hospital to examine and make an injury certificate. I went back to Cho Ray hospital to complete the examination procedure until 2 am this morning.

Everyone, please wait for an answer from the law! (Currently, Tung's side is missing me nearly 50 million and the golf phone can't access the pass I'm keeping. )

HOT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13 - Photo 6

Responding to the Traffic newspaper, the actor confirmed that he did not hit the old manager. Regarding the cooperation time, Tung Min explained that there was no contract between the two parties and had already paid off the previous 200 million. The Iphone13 promax he also returned intact as when he was lent.

HOT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13 - Photo 7

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