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Tung Min: Pong Chuan's husband, the manager, accused him of property appropriation, and his ex-lover was accused of cheating

Pinky17:10:59 15/05/2024
Actor Tung Min is a name that is no longer strange to the entertainment industry. Starting out as an actor, he quickly made an impression on the audience through his roles. Tung Min is also known as the husband of female model and stylist Pong Chuan.

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Chi Hoa: Linh Cute female lead of "Bhap Hop Xi Tin", in hiding for 15 years after the movie

Phi Đức11:34:48 29/04/2024
Chi Hoa - Linh Cute is like the first love of many viewers 15 years ago, when watching the movie Hop Nhac Xi Tin. Despite having a good stepping stone to pave the way for an acting career, Chi Hoa chose to get married and retire.

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The New Mentor got into controversy when he let Pharmacist Dr. install "family members" in the competition

Gia Linh15:28:05 17/08/2023
Pressed the save button by Pharmacist Tien and returned to Lan Khue's team in The New Mentor 2023, the questionable model-stylist has the backing of being a family member of the organizers.

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The male lead "Xi Tin Leap" affirms that he is pure, does not hit people - accused of being threatened by his former manager

Nam Phương22:45:47 07/07/2022
Not silent before the scandal, actor Thanh Tung (Tung Min) spoke out in response to the old manager. He said he was willing to work with the authorities and extract security cameras to prove his innocence. Regarding the noise between the actor of the movie "Leap Xi Tin" - Thanh...

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H.OT: The male lead of "Xi Tin Leap" was accused of b.eating his manager badly, owed 200 million, "white robbery" Iphone13

Nam Phương15:57:29 06/07/2022
On his personal page, the former manager accused actor Thanh Tung (Tung Min) of physical impact, along with a series of financial problems. This is the first time he's been caught up in such tension. Thanh Tung (Tung Min) once left a mark when taking on the role of "rock rock"...

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