Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen

Vân AnhApr 08, 2024 at 09:30

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Hoa Minzy behaved extremely skillfully when posting congratulatory photos of Quang Hai and Zhou Qinghuyen again encountered uncharming netizens, disparaging from bride to groom right on the singer's post.

On the evening of April 6, the wedding ceremony of the couple Nguyen Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen had the presence of many coaches, football officials as well as many famous artists.

Having a close relationship with the Vietnamese players, Hoa Minzy always attended their big day. At the wedding reception in Hanoi, the singer appeared late when the party had been going on for more than 40 minutes. She was picked up from the lobby by actor Bao Han and brought into the auditorium.

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 1

As always, Hoa Minzy contributed to the wedding with the exciting song "Turn on love", a duet with her best friend Van Toan. Hoa Minzy is always praised for her enthusiasm, no less sophisticated, although she always throws her best but still knows how to moderate so as not to occupy the spotlight of the bride and groom.

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 2

In the afternoon of April 7, after returning from the party, Hoa Minzy released photos at the wedding of Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen, not forgetting to send happy centenary congratulations to the couple. In the photo, the 3 are all very happy, Hoa Minzy and Zhou Qingxuan hug each other very closely. However, under the comment section of this post, 1 netizen appeared to leave a poor comment.

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 3

Specifically, this person commented: "Hoa is prettier than the bride, and the groom is a bit short." Immediately, Hoa Minzy replied: "There is no compliment. Compliment Hoa is pretty, brother." The singer's actions show respect for the bride and groom, and at the same time to "block out" similar comparative comments.

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 4

Always bringing the spirit, enthusiastic and fresh energy to the happy day of friends, Hoa Minzy always scores points in the eyes of the host and the audience. After the wedding, the bride Chu Thanh Huyen also personally thanked her close sister Hoa Minzy: "My wife and I thank my sister all the way, having fun until the last moments."

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 5

In addition, the wedding of Quang Hai - Zhou Qinghuyen met with many poor comments from the online community on issues that seemed to have nothing to do with anyone.

At the outdoor wedding reception, the bride and groom attracted attention with a giant super large wedding flower with a white flower in the middle, surrounded by blue flowers with long drooping branches.

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 6

Netizens began to discuss excitedly about the unique wedding bouquet of this player-hotgirl couple. Some complimented the beauty and some criticized the bride, covering all the bridal wedding dresses. On the morning of April 7, after completing the wedding activity, the bride Chu Thanh Huyen went online to explain the meaning behind the wedding flower.

Thanh Huyen said that the wedding flower is a gift that she and Quang Hai want to give to their soon-to-be born first c.hild. The wedding flower with the main blue color and the tone with the balls that Quang Hai and Zhou Qinghuyen used to announce the good news to everyone through the message: "We Had Boy".

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 7

And yet, the fact that 2 spouses held paper to read the confessions at the wedding was also reprimanded and disparaged insincerely.

After this moment of reading, many people couldn't help but be touched by the love words that the couple sent to each other. However, netizens also left mixed opinions when they saw each person holding a piece of paper to read "words from the bottom of their hearts".

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 8

One faction thought that if Guang Hai and Zhou Qingxuan had said this from the bottom of their hearts, they should speak for themselves, there was no need to hold such paper. Moreover, holding paper will make many people feel not really sincere.

However, many comments oppose this idea. They said they had to be in that context to understand that the bride and groom were trembling and confused, if they did not hold the paper, it would be easy to forget and unable to speak.

Earlier, at his wedding party, Quang Hai also explained why he had to hold the paper. Accordingly, the player only needs 15 seconds to reimagine the journey of love and knows what he wants to share but is afraid... forgetful, so it needs to be "reminded".

It can be seen that from the first day of dating news until now, Zhou Qingxuan has received a lot of negative resentment. But after all, the g.irl was still quietly next to the player for 3 years. The sweet fruit that the couple received is the fulfilling, full ending to this arduous love.

Hoa Minzy skillfully protected Quang Hai and his wife - Zhou Qinghuyen - Photo 9

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