Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng

Phương ThảoApr 02, 2024 at 16:04

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Joining the bustling atmosphere of April Fool's Day, Hoa Minzy and many Vietnamese stars had half-joking shares on social networks, making netizens stand still.

Late on April 1, Hoa Minzy suddenly shared a series of plans for 2024, including getting married and having children.

Minzy humorously wrote on her page: "This year the album is out. This year there was a live show. This year married and had children. Great 2024".

Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng - Photo 1

At the same time, Dr. Cao Huu Sheng shared a picture with Hoa Minzy with the caption: "Now you instigate me, now I turn on my love for you guys to not instigate. Let's close the order."

Immediately, many viewers thought that Hoa Minzy planned to get married and met Dr. Cao Huu Thinh – a famous doctor who assisted many Vietnamese artists in IVF (artificial insemination) to give birth as planned.

Because it was posted on April Fool's Day, many viewers were curious, not knowing if Hoa Minzy's shares meant to be true or not. And it is not known if it is true that in 2024, the singer will get married and have children.

Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng - Photo 2

However, the online community is still extremely supportive of the singer because more than anyone, the audience has seen the journey she has gone through, difficulties yes, hurt yes, strong yes, brave yes. So Hoa Minzy really deserves a happier life, deserves to find someone she can rely on for the rest of her life.

After breaking up with her young master boyfriend, young Bo became a great source of motivation for the singer to continue her new journey.

In early March 2021, Hoa Minzy officially shared information about having a 2-year-old son. After that, the Bac Ninh-born singer regularly posted photos and everyday moments of her children on social networks. Bo's videos have received great attention from netizens. He was praised for his intelligence and emotional life.

Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng - Photo 3

Recently, after the Tet holiday, Hoa Minzy suddenly had a livestream chat with fans. Notably, she revealed the reason for organizing this livestream to avoid feeling sad and empty because she had just brought b.aby Bo to Australia to reunite with her biological father Minh Hai.

The singer, born in 1995, added that the c.hild will be there for more than 1 month. Due to being busy at work and wanting the father and son to have their own space, Hoa Minzy did not come along.

Hoa Minzy and her boyfriend confirmed their separation from the beginning of 2022. B.aby Bo is taken care of and nurtured by Hoa Minzy. In addition, the singer also said that her son still regularly visits his paternal house, h.anging out with his father whenever Minh Hai returns to Vietnam.

Becoming a single mother, Hoa Minzy was praised for her skillful parenting. The singer always chooses to teach gently, quietly, and confide in her son. She always creates conditions for b.aby Bo to adapt to independent life from a young age, behave politely and obediently to everyone around him.

Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng - Photo 4

After the breakup, Hoa Minzy was busy running shows, participating in entertainment programs and events. The singer received a lot of love from colleagues because of her cheerful and humorous personality. She has a close relationship with many artists in the entertainment world such as Duc Phuc, Erik, Minh Tu, Nha Phuong ...

Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng - Photo 5

Recently, Hoa Minzy made many people curious when he had a close relationship with player Van Toan. The two regularly post photos of h.anging out, eating together. B.aby Bo also featured in their appointments. These moments were beautifully commented by many, positively "pushing the boat".

Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng - Photo 6

In the face of many speculations, Van Toan denied, saying that "the two are just comedies, not beautiful couples". When posting a video wishing Van Toan a happy birthday, Hoa Minzy also corrected: "No one pairs or pushes any boat. It's fun and naturally loves."

Hoa Minzy suddenly revealed her plans to get married and have children, and met Dr. Sheng - Photo 7

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