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Miss Italy Nhi has just returned home to do this, how has it changed after the market storm?

Gia Nhi17:03:30 07/06/2024
Having just returned home when studying in Australia fell on summer vacation, Miss Huynh Tran Y Nhi immediately embarked on doing something that made netizens appreciate and gave many compliments. It can be seen that, after a series of dramas after being crowned, she has completely changed so far.

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Miss Y Nhi boyfriend openly said "love you", s.mashing breakup rumors

Thanh Phúc14:40:46 03/06/2024
Y Nhi after studying in Australia, information about her personal life with her boyfriend of the same age also became trickling in the media. Many bad rumors were also made at this time, recently the couple suddenly made a new move, fans buzzed.

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Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal

Nguyễn Kim13:32:05 29/05/2024
After nearly a year studying abroad in Australia, Y Nhi's side has confirmed that they will return in the near future to participate in some sports-related activities. This is considered the first comeback since the queen got into trouble after her coronation.

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Miss Y Nhi confronted anti-fans and sent a signal from Australia to Vietnam, which was shocking to hear

Gia Nhi09:04:17 28/05/2024
Miss Y Nhi, after 6 months studying abroad in Australia, avoiding public opinion from the series of noise after her coronation, now the beauty born in 2002 has gradually perfected herself to become a completely new, mature and mature version of Y Nhi. more mature.

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Miss Y Nhi had a "misfortune" with Miss World, the possibility of "unfinishing" her studies to participate in the competition

Thiên Di14:41:25 20/04/2024
Recently, Y Nhi caused a stir by secretly marrying her boyfriend, which could lead to her losing her spot in the Miss World contest. Recently, the beauty queen was said to have to temporarily stop her studies after news broke about the time of Miss World.

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Miss Y Nhi secretly married her boyfriend even though she was preparing to compete in Miss World?

Minh Ngọc07:18:47 19/04/2024
While things were quiet, people suddenly reported that Y Nhi had married her long-time boyfriend Nguyen Anh Kiet. This makes fans extremely confused because Y Nhi is currently representing Vietnam at Miss World 2024.

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Miss World is preparing to organize a new season, fans are worried that Y Nhi won't have time to prepare

Snow17:30:33 12/04/2024
After the success of 2024, recently, the Miss World organization officially announced the time of season 72. Many Vietnamese fans expressed concern for Y Nhi, will she be able to prepare for the battle in time?

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Y Nhi meets a "serious opponent" at Miss World 2025, slim chances of reaching the top?

Phương Thảo14:37:15 08/04/2024
Holding a ticket to the Miss World 2025 contest, fans feel worried about Y Nhi when more and more strong opponents are revealed. The newly crowned 22-year-old Puerto Rican biologist is predicted to be in the top spot.

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Yi Nhi contested Miss World, her boyfriend immediately had a strange reaction, r.evealing her love status

JLO11:59:07 02/04/2024
Miss Y Nhi rarely revealed to the media about the relationship between her and her boyfriend after being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023, as well as the reaction of her other half when she becomes the representative of Vietnam to compete at Miss World 2025

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Huynh Tran Y Nhi: representative of Vietnamese beauty with the largest number of anti fans

Phi Đức13:43:51 27/03/2024
Miss Y Nhi is probably one of the beauties who caused the biggest post-coronation buzz in the history of Vietnamese beauty contests. From being praised, she received more than 650 thousand anti-fans, then was welcomed again after her efforts to change herself.

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Miss Y Nhi responded to negative comments about representing Miss World

Vân Anh11:13:33 25/03/2024
Recently, the news that Miss Y Nhi was chosen to become a representative at the 72nd Miss World has received a lot of attention from the beauty public. Y Nhi also opened up about this good news for the first time.

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Y Nhi hasn't even competed in Miss World yet, but something "got in her way", fans massively commented on the exact two words

Châu Anh10:11:52 24/03/2024
The news that Miss Y Nhi will be the next Vietnamese representative to compete at Miss World is of interest to many audiences. Recently, many beauty fans have pointed out the queen's disadvantages at this contest.

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Y Nhi was criticized and still competed in Miss World 2025, Thanh Thuy felt sorry for her defeat

Thanh Phúc10:35:22 23/03/2024
Miss Huynh Tran Y Nhi will officially represent Vietnam, following Mai Phuong to compete in the 72nd Miss World - Miss World. This is the latest announcement from the copyright holder of Miss World in Vietnam.

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Thanh Thuy reveals weaknesses and makes it difficult to win a spot in MW with Y Nhi, does MIC VN have an owner?

Thảo Mai16:47:06 22/03/2024
The lineup of Vietnamese beauty in 2024 is not yet complete. According to the latest share from the managing unit, they will announce the two girls sent to compete at the 72nd Miss World and Miss International 2024 on March 22.

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Y Nhi implicitly confirmed that she will compete in Miss World 2024, is she "plotting" to please the audience?

Đình Như16:46:51 18/03/2024
After Mai Phuong finished her Miss World 2024 journey, many people couldn't help but wonder about the country's next representative at the world's leading beauty contest. Among them, Y Nhi was constantly called to succeed her senior.

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Miss Y Nhi gave the signal for the Miss World competition, determined to "take revenge" on Mai Phuong's behalf.

Snow19:40:36 14/03/2024
After Miss Mai Phuong sadly stopped at the Top 40 Miss World 2023, Huynh Tran Y Nhi was called out by the public even though she was studying abroad in Australia. Many people expected her to take revenge on her seniors.

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The new Miss World is similar to Y Nhi in one point, but Miss Vietnam is still better

Minh Ngọc16:18:28 11/03/2024
Vietnamese beauty fans have found similarities between the new Miss World 2024 and Miss World Vietnam 2023 Huynh Tran Y Nhi. However, in this regard, perhaps Y Nhi is still better than Krystyna Pyszková when she still maintains complete happiness after the coronation.

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HH Y Nhi boldly spent m.oney to "live luxuriously" after a series of days of struggling to save m.oney i.n Australia

Trường Nguyễn11:27:44 29/02/2024
Netizens couldn't help but be surprised by the luxurious life of Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Y Nhi while studying abroad in Australia. She is not afraid to spend m.oney to enjoy expensive dishes and enjoy the high life.

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Miss Thanh Thuy is opposed to competing in Miss International 2024, why?

Phong Trần16:10:43 12/01/2024
Miss Thanh Thuy has a beautiful figure and is considered the beauty with the best b.ody shape at the Golden Lotus. In addition, she has a very calm demeanor, gentle and gentle demeanor, good education and attractive performance skills.

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Miss Y Nhi lives frugally in Australia. She called 'Aunt Dung' and said something that made everyone feel sad

Đức Trí14:36:50 11/01/2024
Miss Y Nhi is currently studying abroad in Australia, spending time improving herself after a series of unnecessary dramas that broke out since her coronation. Recently, fans were excited again when she made a remarkable revelation about her current life here.

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Bui Xuan Hanh, despite speaking out, still "crashed" with the crown like Y Nhi

Khánh Huyền10:53:51 02/01/2024
Bui Xuan Hanh since his coronation has continuously met with mixed opinions from the audience. It was only because of the special relationship between her and the jury of the contest that Xuan Hanh was accused of being cleared the way, buying the prize...

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Huynh Tran Y Nhi was praised by the audience when changing her style, gradually becoming more "missive"

Minh Ngọc16:41:02 05/12/2023
After officially leaving for Australia to study, Y Nhi gradually regained the sympathy of the domestic audience. She still updates her images from time to time and receives a lot of positive feedback from the audience.

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Miss Italy Nhi changed positively, gradually regaining affection from the audience after posting a new series of photos in Australia?

Phương Thảo16:07:36 01/12/2023
Miss Y Nhi after apologizing to the audience and deciding to study in Australia for 2 years, the online community's view of her is no longer too harsh. Recently, the queen continued to o.ff her everyday photos in Australia, being praised by netizens as beautiful as angels.

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Y Nhi suddenly mentioned Mai Phuong after the shocking drama, the beauty queen "boss" expressed one thing to her "daughter".

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:31:55 14/11/2023
Since coming to Australia to study, Miss Y Nhi often shares about her daily life on social networks. Recently, the queen suddenly mentioned about her senior Mai Phuong, after which, Ms. Pham Kim Dung also left a comment that attracted attention.

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