Ha Ho's son 'compares' Jennifer Pham's son, both handsome and good at school

Phi ĐứcFeb 18, 2024 at 13:26

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The Vietnamese star boys are currently receiving a lot of attention from netizens recently, including two super handsome guys with great academic achievements, Subeo son Ha Ho - Cuong Do and Jennifer Pham - Quang Dung.

Subeo - Cuong Do's son is increasingly handsome, revealing his personality

Once hidden from his parents when he was a c.hild, but now Subeo - the common son of Ho Ngoc Ha and Cuong Do often appears on social networks and attracts the attention of the public. Growing up in a wealthy family, Subeo has a simple lifestyle, the style of dress is also very simple. Cuong Do said his son will choose his own outfit and hairstyle, not depending on his parents. At the age of 14, the prince has a height that stands out from his peers. Currently, Subeo has "surpassed" Cuong Dollar and stands almost equal to Hu Yuhe.

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 1

Recently, Subeo impressed by frequently changing her hairstyle. In July 2023, Ho Ngoc Ha's son suddenly appeared with curly hair and was commented to have a good touch with Bi Rain. Compared to the image of the shy b.oy who always nestled next to his mother when he was a c.hild, the Subeo of the present has grown and transformed clearly.

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 2

In a sharing with the media, Ha Ho shared that he does not put pressure on his studies but only wants him to develop in accordance with his interests. The "Queen of Entertainment" is proud that her son was born into a family with conditions but a non-competitive but extremely simple personality. Ha Ho said: "Henry never liked being in front of the camera, didn't like someone taking pictures of him. This is no wonder, parents of teenage children know you just want to be closed off in your own world.

Henry is an extremely simple person, he only dresses what is most comfortable, it never matters how expensive or fancy it is, which is what I find successful in parenting. To me, Henry wasn't the best b.oy to learn or do anything great, but he was affectionate, loving, very obedient but had his own voice."

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 3

Bao Nam - Jennifer Pham's well-educated and romantic prince

After the breakup of their marriage, Jennifer Pham and Quang Dung still show full responsibility to their common son named Bao Nam.

At the age of 16, Bao Nam is nearly 1.9 m tall, has long romantic hair, looks quite mature and level. Many people commented that Bao Nam inherited many beautiful features from his parents, especially like his father. For Jennifer, she said her son resembles her in eyes and lips.

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 4

It is known that Bao Nam after his parents divorced, he lived with his maternal grandparents in the US. Although he does not live with his parents, Bao Nam always receives full love from his family. For a while, he returned to Vietnam to live with his mother and younger siblings.

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 5

It was 2018, Miss Jennifer Pham confessed that she always wanted her son to live with her, but he did not agree because he was used to the learning environment in the US. Moreover, her mother has not accepted to be separated from her grandchildren because she has cared for and been close to Bao Nam since birth. However, Bao Nam recently agreed to move back to Vietnam to live with his mother, stepfather and two younger siblings. The b.oy was also taken care of by Jennifer to enroll in Hanoi. After a short time, Bao Nam returned to the United States to continue his unfinished studies.

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 6

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 7

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 8

In terms of studying, not only good looking, tall, Bao Nam also has excellent achievements. Previously, Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham posted their son's remarkable academic results, when they became valedictorian of middle school (grades 6-8) with perfect scores for 3 years of school.

Ha Hos son compares Jennifer Phams son, both handsome and good at school - Photo 9

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