Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit?

Hoàng PhúcMay 10, 2024 at 14:14

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ET Today reported that in the middle of the night, 10X star Ho Lien Hinh posted a series of sensitive videos on social media. The clip went viral, leaving the 24-year-old beauty in a state of dismay. An emerging male god was also named on suspicion of involvement.

Accordingly, in these videos, Hu's supposed face appears quite clearly, while the male character does not see his face. According to speculation from the media and the public, the person who posted the sensitive clip of Ho Lien Hinh online is the actress's ex-boyfriend. The identity of the man was actively sought by Chinese netizens.

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 1

By the afternoon of May 9, netizens suspected that the person behind this incident was actor Vu Thich. Although the man only appeared briefly in the sensitive 20-minute video, Chinese netizens still saw that Hu Lianying's boyfriend had a chin and a mole very similar to Yu Thich's facial features. Not only that, but the phone that appears in the video resembles the phone the Feng Chen actor is using. Netizens also suspected Yu Shao's house was the location in the clip. The fan in the sensitive video resembles the one that appeared in the video s.hot at Vu Thich before's home.

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 2

After that, netizens of billions of people also "dug" the love news between Vu Thich and Ho Lien Hinh posted by 1 entertainment blogger not long ago. At the time, the blogger said the pair were secretly dating in December 2023. Ho Lien Hinh is the one who interferes in the relationship of Yu Thich and 1 lady. After the romance was sabotaged, this lady went to Ho Lien Hinh's company to riot, and at the same time used the relationship to cause the actress to lose many art projects.

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 3

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 4

After being named all over the internet who had an affair with Hu Lien Hinh and was the one who deliberately made up the incident to destroy the young actress, Yu Thich has not yet responded.

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 5

Meanwhile, on social media platform Weibo, online users urged people to stop distributing sensitive clips of the actress. There are also reports that the videos use AI technology to graft Ho Lien Hinh's face to smear the image of the actress.

A few hours before the incident, on his personal page, Ho Lien Hinh also posted a video of acting with the comment: "I hope that the girls who are in the darkest moment, every victim in the most desperate situation, will be rescued by justice."

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 6

Chinese media said that this scandal greatly affected the image and career of the 24-year-old beauty.

At the end of February, Ho Lien Hinh also received criticism for r.evealing images of smoking, neglecting his career to pursue love with singer Hoan Nhan Lac Nhung and being suspected of being the third person when his boyfriend had a wife and children.

Before the incident broke out, the actress born in 2000 was voted as 1 of the 4 10X miniatures with the best appearance in the Chinese entertainment industry. Ho Lien Hinh is also highly appreciated for his acting ability and is well-trained.

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 7

The beauty born in 2000 has appeared in major TV projects such as Chinatown Detective, Human World. According to QQ, Lien Hinh Lake is favored by investors because of its outstanding and beautiful appearance.

Currently, Hu Lianying and the issues related to her sensitive clip scandal have become the talk of Chinese social media with tens of millions of views. Many opinions said that Ho Lien Hinh was at risk of being turned away by the brand, the manufacturer cut his shoulder and had to pay contract compensation.

In the short term, the actress was born in 2000 and a series of unaired projects including Hu Love Xiao Hongnu (starring with Yang Mi), White Horse Teenager Chunfeng (playing the female lead), Don't tell anyone. In addition, she may have to be absent from many TV shows and entertainment in the near future.

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 8

Sina newspaper said that with the current private life scandal, the 24-year-old actress is unlikely to continue working in the entertainment industry. Before Hu Lianying, some Chinese female artists had similar scandals such as model Jie Ling, actress Gu Na Chen or Jing Tian.

Gu Ling and Gu Na Tran were both disseminated bad pictures online by their ex-boyfriends when their careers were budding. The incident caused her career to collapse completely, and she had to quietly go abroad to live because she could not withstand public pressure.

Gu Luc Na Trat continued to work in the entertainment industry but did not have the opportunity to rise to the A-list artist group.

Ho Lien Hinh was distributed sensitive videos, fans suspected Vu Thich was the culprit? - Photo 9

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