Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now?

Bảo NamMay 01, 2024 at 17:44

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Quan Tu My was a famous name in the 1990s, she was known as the "sexy goddess" of the entertainment industry of Port. However, the actress's love story was quite cheating.

The beauty is famous for daring to "shoot"

In the 90s in Hong Kong, there emerged actresses possessing charming beauty, attracting attention by r.evealing scenes in movies such as Qiu Shuzheng, Quan Tu My, Zhang Wenxu,...

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 1

In which, Quan Tu My is a beauty known as the "Goddess of Hong Kong Charm". She emerged from the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1987. Although beautiful and charming, Quan Tu My was unlucky, so she did not win the crown.

Empty-handed after the pageant, Quan Tu My signed a contract with a television station and started acting. The beauty followed the path of s.exy actresses of her time by rising from adult films and sensitive scenes in films.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 2

The most impressive work of her career was the film Casino King (1995). In the film, she plays the love interest of actor Ren Dahua, the two play many sensitive scenes that make viewers blush.

On screen, Quan Tu My had the opportunity to pair with famous Hong Kong actors such as Luu Duc Hoa, Ta Dinh Phong, Chau Tinh Tri, Wu Ngan To,...

Later, Guan Tu My did not have many opportunities to act in drama films due to being crucified with a s.exy role. She starred in a series directed by Wang Jing, specializing in the role of the big sister gangster and the charming lover of the big brothers.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 3

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 4

Nearly 20 years as an actress, the impression of audiences over many generations about Quan Tu My is still only a charming beauty famous for daring to "shoot".

Want to quit acting for love, in old age still lonely without a husband

Viewers often compare Quan Tu My to actress Qiu Shuzheng because both beauties are unlucky in the pageant and become actors who specialize in sensitive scenes.

But if Qiu Shuzheng was lucky enough to marry the big man, peacefully give up her career to become a good mother-in-law, Guan Xiumy would be in love again.

Shortly after leaving the pageant, Guan Xiu-my starred in the film The Pursuit of the Daughter directed by Wang Jing and has since become the "muse" in the film of the Hong Kong commercial film king.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 5

She continuously played supporting female roles in Wang Jing's cult films such as Long at the Gypsy, Long at the border, The legend of the god of cards...

At this time, news of Guan Xiumy's love affair with Wang Jing spread throughout the entertainment world.

Since 1995, Quan Tu My has been unexpectedly absent from the Hong Kong film industry. Many people rumor that the beauty wants to retire from daring roles to become Wang Jing's gentle wife.

But unexpectedly, her love affair did not reach the shore of happiness. After 3 years, the information about the love affair between Wang Jing and Guan Xiumy gradually subsided. The beauty was devastated after the emotional failure and returned to acting.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 6

Although Quan Tu My tried to find opportunities to act in dramatic roles, she was even nominated for the Best Supporting Actress a.ward in the Golden Horse Film Festival, but her career is no longer the same.

In 2006, Quan Tu My starred in his last film "Snow Le Flower" directed by his former lover Wang Jing and announced the end of his career.

Fans regret that for a beauty of heavenly perfume, acting power is not bad without a chance of real fame.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 7

When she was 43 years old, the once-beautiful beauty began to be in a relationship with her 7-year-old boyfriend Li Yuthuong. Although Quan Tu My and her boyfriend have been close for a long time, many years have passed and still do not see news of her getting on the flower car. However, according to some sources, they have registered their marriage.

In 2009, Quan Tu My was once caught by reporters hand-in-hand with her boyfriend shopping. When he came to the jewelry counter, Quan Tu My liked a silver ring worth more than 1 million VND.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 8

At this time, her underage lover immediately evaded another stall to let her pay for the ring herself.

Recently, on April 28, the beauty said that she has completed the procedure for a while, going through the sadness of her broken marriage. When asked the reason for the divorce, she said: "I'm no longer wallowing in grief, I'm now at peace so I don't bother about the reason anymore. I learned to reconcile with my surroundings and reconcile with myself." Tu My is currently single, not dating anyone.

Quan Tu My's current goal is to act in films, remake from scratch in the entertainment industry, because she has been absent from the screen for the past 18 years. The actress said that sometimes people send her scripts to ask her to act in films, but in the past, because of her family, she declined. Tu Mu hopes to meet a good story, an interesting role.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 9

The last time she appeared at Tang Chi Wei's birthday celebration, Guan Tu My's beauty at the age of 60 surprised many people. The beauty is still young and ageless. Although his face showed traces of age, Guan Tu My was still considered temperamental and young.

In her late twenties, while other actresses of her time lived to the fullest with her husband and children, Guan Tu My was still in trouble.

Quan Tu My: Career ruined because of love at a young age 7 years younger, what now? - Photo 10

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