H'Hen Nie followed in Nam Em's footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react?

Hướng DươngNov 28, 2023 at 07:52

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The photo shared by H'Hen Niê on her personal page made netizens "restless"; Since then, there have been suspicions of publicly declaring her feelings for her new boyfriend, not long after she broke up with her ex.

In recent days, social networks have been abuzz with the news that beauty from Tien Giang - Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em "introduced" her boyfriend over 14 years old and is preparing for the big day in 2024.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 1

Information related to Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and her "other half" has not yet cooled down, but recently, the beauty fan community continued to "stir up" over the suspicion of Miss H'Hen Niê publicly r.evealing her lover.

Accordingly, on the afternoon of November 27, the model from Dak Lak posted a moment of holding hands with a man, along with emotional icons on her personal page. Notably, she still decided to hide the main character's face, making netizens wonder.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 2

Through this move, many people believe that H'Hen Niê has officially announced her new love after announcing that she was going their separate ways with her ex-boyfriend. The romantic photo frame of the two immediately after being posted caused a stir on the internet.

After that, many fans also sent their blessings to H'Hen and hoped that she would get married soon. However, some people thought that this was just a joke by the queen and that this photo frame was just staged.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 3

Indeed, these are just speculations from netizens and Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 has not yet confirmed or taken any official action. Not excluding the possibility of an ordinary moment of her life with friends or colleagues.

Previously, in April 2023, H'Hen Nie confirmed that she broke up with her boyfriend after 5 years of dating. The queen revealed that she has a boyfriend since 2019, who is a photographer and director. The reason she doesn't want to r.eveal it to everyone is to avoid making noise.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 4

"Hen's love life has stopped. I cherish that time. It was my first time falling in love, so those feelings gave me many beautiful and meaningful memories. I think the word fate is very difficult to explain and thank you." for being with me in the past months and years," the former Miss Universe Vietnam confided.

A few hours ago, in a conversation with PV VietNamNet, H'hen Niê said she did not want to talk much about love, even though she was constantly urged by relatives and neighbors to get married.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 5

"My family doesn't urge me to get married, but my relatives and neighbors do. When I participated in "Beautiful Sister Pedaling the Wind and Turning the Waves," the aunts and uncles even commented on social networks that you should get married, you still have exams at this age. I'm with my grandchild and address myself as mother and c.hild, so people sometimes mistakenly think that H'Hen Niê has a husband and children.

At the moment, I don't want to talk much about personal love. If I'm destined to get married, that's a blessing. Otherwise, I'm still happy being a single g.irl. No matter what, I still find life wonderful and appreciate everything," the queen shared.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 6

H'Hen Niê won the title of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 and Top 5 Miss Universe World 2018. During her journey recently, the field of activities was vibrant and received and supported by the community. is environmental protection.

And with the journey of planting 5 hectares of forest, H'Hen Nie has inspired many young people about environmental protection. In addition to afforestation activities, the long leg from Dak Lak also implemented a project to build a friendly library for students across the country.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 7

It is known that this is a meaningful project for the community, and is also a gift from H'Hen to students in disadvantaged localities. It can be seen that, since being crowned noble, the beauty born in 1997 has always been active and dedicated to community and social activities, especially sustainable and widespread volunteer projects. radiate good values.

HHen Nie followed in Nam Ems footsteps when she announced her broken lover, how did netizens react? - Photo 8

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