Nam Em was captivated by a spot on her fiancé's b.ody, r.evealing a fateful meeting with the other person

Bảo NamNov 26, 2023 at 17:11

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Not long ago, the news that beauty Nam Em had found a new love after a series of emotional "turbulences" surprised the audience. When going public, Nam Em decided to keep his "half" identity a secret, causing curiosity among netizens.

However, recently, Nam Em and her boyfriend appeared together for the first time. Notably, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and her companion shared their feelings about their first meeting.

Nam Em was captivated by a spot on her fiancés b.ody, r.evealing a fateful meeting with the other person - Photo 1

Specifically, Nam Em said her boyfriend runs a feng shui store. And this is also the first place where the beauty from Tien Giang and her fiancé met each other.

According to her, from the beginning, Nam Em was impressed with her boyfriend because she saw the "aura" around her. "I don't like people with tattoos, but when I met him, the aura around him surprised me, clean, bright and noble. At that moment, I was captivated," Nam Em said.

Nam Em was captivated by a spot on her fiancés b.ody, r.evealing a fateful meeting with the other person - Photo 2

Besides, Nam Em also revealed that it's not her appearance but her hands that impress her about her "other half". "It's not his face, I like his hands. I just said: 'Oh my god, what kind of man has such beautiful hands'...", Nam Em humorously recounted his first impression of meeting them. face.

"Nam Em and I met each other in a very funny situation. Nam Em is my customer, coming to my house to buy feng shui products," Nam Em's boyfriend revealed.

It is known that Nam Em and her boyfriend had a secret date before deciding to r.eveal it to the audience. Nam Em's fiancé is said to have a mature, mature appearance and is expected to be a solid support for Nam Em.

Nam Em was captivated by a spot on her fiancés b.ody, r.evealing a fateful meeting with the other person - Photo 3

Recently, Nam Em has continuously spoken up about preparing to get married but has never revealed the identity of her future husband. Previously, on November 18, Nam Em shared a photo of herself going out to eat with her boyfriend and r.evealing part of her other half's face. Along with this photo, Nam Em announced that she was holding an engagement ceremony with her boyfriend, making netizens extremely surprised. "21 engagement trays. Who wants to carry which tray, where is their hand?"

It can be seen that the news that Nam Em publicly announced her boyfriend after a period of hiding it attracted the attention of a large audience. Before that, Nam Em, who was known as a beauty, had many difficulties in love and went through a lot of love affairs, so after r.evealing her lover, the information revolved around Nam Em's relationship with her boyfriend. continues to be a topic discussed by netizens.

Nam Em was captivated by a spot on her fiancés b.ody, r.evealing a fateful meeting with the other person - Photo 4

In another development, after publicly getting married, Nam Em's old statement related to getting married was dug up again. Some time ago, the beauty declared that she did not want to get married but just wanted to "conquer men for fun".

Specifically, when participating in a TV show, Nam Em confidently affirmed that he did not want to get married. This beauty even revealed that her relationships often ended because her boyfriend proposed marriage. She confided: "I just intend to get used to it for fun. I have the p.leasure of conquering." At that time, Nam Em thought that marriage had many potential risks. If a woman unfortunately marries an irresponsible person, she will be miserable. Therefore, the actress believes that women would rather live alone and be happier.

Nam Em was captivated by a spot on her fiancés b.ody, r.evealing a fateful meeting with the other person - Photo 5

But it seems that now, Nam Em has turned 180 degrees to completely change this point of view. From when she openly showed off her hidden photos until she officially announced her fiancé's identity, the beauty couldn't hide her happiness. During an interview with the other half, the two held hands tightly, and Nam Em gave sweet and affectionate eyes to the other half throughout the conversation.

Nam Em was captivated by a spot on her fiancés b.ody, r.evealing a fateful meeting with the other person - Photo 6

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