H'Hen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for "giving 85 million to charity"

Nhật DuyFeb 28, 2024 at 09:55

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According to H'Hen Niê, this is not the first time she has been criticized despite spending her own m.oney to volunteer. However, the beautiful woman affirmed that she will not falter because of negative comments, she will continue her journey.

Recently, on her personal Facebook page, Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 - H'Hen Niê attracted attention when she posted an article about charity actions in the first days of the new year 2024. Accordingly, the queen quoted a quote. part of his singing salary to join hands in implementing the afforestation project.

HHen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for giving 85 million to charity - Photo 1

Although the amount of m.oney H'Hen Niê donated was not much, this was the queen's first singing salary and she wanted to spend it on this meaningful community activity.

"After a business trip in Europe, I arranged to go to Ben En, Thanh Hoa to plant a forest. I asked my relatives and forest rangers to plant in advance to keep up with the schedule because it was drizzling, suitable for planting trees. Thank you everyone. who always accompanies H'Hen in afforestation projects," the Ede-born beauty queen confided.

Immediately after being posted, the article quickly received a lot of attention from the public. A series of comments endlessly praised H'Hen Niê's beautiful actions.

HHen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for giving 85 million to charity - Photo 2

HHen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for giving 85 million to charity - Photo 3

However, besides the praise for H'Hen Niê's humane actions, some unflattering comments also appeared below the queen's article. This made H'Hen Niê upset and had to speak up on her personal page.

Specifically, an anti-fan sued H'Hen Niê for spending about 85 million on charity, which is still too little. Responding to this opinion, the beauty of Ede origin had a clever answer: "Oh my god, you have the means, you say that number is low, but I worry so much about it, you think it's meaningful, it's a number. Project account, I hope you will join hands, thank you."

In addition, H'Hen Niê also wrote: "It's so sad, my family has enough m.oney but I keep criticizing normal families for contributing. I remember when we were busy because we were filming a movie, so we donated 50 million and criticized ourselves too much. Then After filming, I went back to support people and spent 150 million to support more. Then during the epidemic season, I also transferred 100 million to a press unit, which was also very bad... I feel like I can earn every penny. M.oney is hard, sometimes it takes 24 hours continuously to get m.oney. Having said that, I only do a little, but if I do it regularly, it will contribute to the storm, but the important thing is that I am happy and find it very meaningful. , people criticize Hen, but they still do what Hen does."

HHen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for giving 85 million to charity - Photo 4

Despite being sarcastic, H'Hen Niê still maintained her composure and said that this 1 hectare of forest has special meaning to her, especially at the beginning of the year. The beauty sees this as motivation for her to continue trying and contributing in the future. Therefore, despite having to endure "words and criticism", H'Hen Niê affirms that she will continue to publicize the projects she contributes to in order to spread good values to society.

Currently, Miss H'Hen Niê's response to anti-fans has received a lot of support from the audience: "Everything that comes from the heart has value. Contributing like this in a difficult economic situation is very valuable." "I only do what I feel is right, don't let negative energy affect me", "There are people who only know how to criticize but do not contribute anything, never pay attention to negative comments that affect the results". ..

HHen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for giving 85 million to charity - Photo 5

H'Hen Niê was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam in 2017. After that, the beauty carried the mission of representing Vietnam to the prestigious beauty contest Miss Universe 2018. At that time, the image of a g.irl from the people The Ede ethnic group is full of energy and joy, attracting the attention of both domestic and international media. H'Hen Niê excellently entered the top 5 finals, achieving Vietnam's highest achievement ever in this beauty arena.

HHen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for giving 85 million to charity - Photo 6

HHen Niê responded cleverly when an anti criticized her for giving 85 million to charity - Photo 7

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