H'Hen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action

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Miss H'Hen Nie made fans constantly praise her for her meaningful work in her hometown of Dak Lak, after returning home from a business trip to Finland.

In recent days, the name of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 - H'Hen Niê, can be said to be a h.ot topic that the online community is extremely interested in. Storming with a series of photos posing in the snow in Finland, during her business trip, the Ede beauty made fans cross-eyed with her endurance and stature.

HHen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action - Photo 1

Recently, after returning home from a business trip, Miss H'Hen Nie was immediately present in her hometown, in Dak Lak, to participate in community activities of great significance. The queen's actions are highly appreciated by the people, bringing positive values to society.

Specifically, on March 7, Miss H'Hen Nie appeared in her hometown, with the program "Contribute a hand" to bring "Divided rice" to the community living with HIV/AIDS in Dak Lak. She has just returned to Vietnam after a week-long business trip in Finland.

HHen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action - Photo 2

Accompanying "Split Rice" for many years, H'Hen Nie has always been active in activities aimed at the community living with HIV/AIDS in many different forms, such as donating rice, dressing up to interact with children, giving Tet gifts... In H'Hen Niê, it is about connecting and sharing, breaking the gap to integrate with people into society. Having just returned from Finland after a flight of many hours, H'Hen Nie continued to travel to Dak Lak to participate in the program "Contribute a hand" to bring "Rice grains in half" to the community living with HIV/AIDS in his hometown.

HHen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action - Photo 3

H'Hen Nie always smiled brightly, enthusiastically with the delegation handed out each gift and enthusiastically guided everyone to participate in lucky bingo activities. She constantly greets and sends health wishes to everyone. H'Hen Nie shared: " Thank you to Dak Lak Department of Health and Dak Lak Center for Disease Control for supporting the delegation in this program. Hen hopes that the gifts are small but the spiritual value is great, hoping that everyone will always comply well, try to take medicine so that they can live well and continue with their life and work. I would also like to thank the doctors and health workers who take care of the community living with HIV/AIDS."

HHen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action - Photo 4

Earlier, when coming to Finland, the queen visited Rovaniemi, Lapland - a land located in the north of Finland, which is known as the home of Santa Claus. Amidst the snow-capped landscapes of the Arctic, she has taken photos showing off her extremely h.ot figure and shared them on social media platforms beforehand. H'Hen Nie shared that she especially loves Santa Claus Village, the reindeer. Here, she also performs ethnic dances for indigenous people to introduce Vietnamese identity in the land of snow.

HHen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action - Photo 5

H'Hen Nie feeds reindeer in Finland. The queen has experienced skiing, riding a reindeer rickshaw, and a snow husky and feels like a "return to childhood". These activities are all typical cultural beauties of this country.

HHen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action - Photo 6

After her business trip to Finland, H'Hen Nie will continue her projects and plans, especially this year she will have many activities aimed at the environment and wildlife. After 1ha of forest in Ben En National Park at the end of February, H'Hen Nie plans to deploy more hectares of forest this year. She will also appear in environmental protection campaigns, wildlife will be announced in the near future.

HHen Nie returned to the village after disturbing the western sky, thrilled by this action - Photo 7

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