Former MU spectacular makeover, H'Hen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy

Bảo NamFeb 14, 2024 at 16:45

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Crowned Miss Universe at just 21 years old, Harnaaz Sandhu conquered fans with her gorgeous beauty and intelligence. Going through the crisis period due to the disease, the beauty of the Thin age has always been strong in the face of criticism and detractors.

Harnaaz Sandhu is a popular actor, model and speaker in India. She was crowned Miss Universe 2021 in the finale held in Israel. The beauty born in 2000 is the third Miss India to win Miss Universe.

Harnaaz was born and brought up in Chandigarh in a well-to-do Sikhi family. She studied at Shivalik Public School and Government College for Girls, currently pursuing a master's degree in Public Administration. She is fluent in Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

Former MU spectacular makeover, HHen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy - Photo 1

Starting her journey to conquer beauty pageants at the age of 17, Harnaaz won Miss Chandigarh 2017 and reached the top 12 Femina Miss India 2019.

Determined to find opportunities to compete internationally, 10x enrolled at Miss Diva 2021. During her time competing, Harnaaz won many sub-awards such as Best Skinned Beauty, Sea Beauty, Best Smile Beauty, Photogenic Beauty, and Talented Beauty. In the end, she won the top spot and represented India at Miss Universe 2021.

Former MU spectacular makeover, HHen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy - Photo 2

The beauty always shows stable performance when participating in international competitions. Conquer fans through swimsuit and evening suits and have smart and responsive answers.

After 2 decades, she successfully brought home the next Miss Universe crown for the country of billions of people.

Former MU spectacular makeover, HHen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy - Photo 3

It can be seen that Miss Universe is still considered the fiercest Miss contest on the planet. The beauties who came out of the pageant were all mentioned. Among them, H'Hen Nie must be mentioned.

H'Hen Nie is the first Ede ethnic person to be crowned Miss Universe Vietnam. In 2018, the beauty born in 1992 represented Vietnam in the Miss Universe contest and entered the top 5. This is the highest achievement of Vietnamese contestants at the world's most prestigious beauty contest.

Former MU spectacular makeover, HHen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy - Photo 4

H'Hen Nie broke the achievement of reaching the Top 15 of Thuy Lam - the beauty of Miss Universe on home soil in 2009. She also holds the highest achievement among the 16 Vietnamese beauties who competed in Miss Universe since 2004. After achieving international achievements, H'Hen Nie continued to work in the modeling industry, working as the face of many brands. In addition, she also encroached on acting in movies.

After 6 years of being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam, H'Hen Nie is still one of the names receiving the attention of the audience.

Beautiful people win love when they are always active in community activities and have many valuable contributions to society. Therefore, her personal life always attracts the curiosity of the audience.

Former MU spectacular makeover, HHen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy - Photo 5

Miss H'Hen Nie had a new post on social media that caught netizen's attention. The beauty born in 1992 clarified the information that she is having 3 daughters, thanks to a surrogate. The queen said that when posting pictures with the children, she repeatedly received questions about having children: "There was a lot of interest in comments and messages asking Hen roughly 'why did you see Hen go all day and there are 3 princesses?', 'Hen thanks for giving birth to a surrogate. Who is their father.'"

Former MU spectacular makeover, HHen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy - Photo 6

Miss H'Hen Nie denied having children and said that these were 3 children of her family members: her brother, sister, and younger brother. The beauty born in 1992 confirmed that she does not have children and will soon have children in the near future.

Former MU spectacular makeover, HHen Nie voices rumors of having children, thanks to surrogacy - Photo 7

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